Incredible 3-D Nail Art

Katsuma Kamo creates beautiful white floral inspired nails. I LOVE 3-D nails and completely embrace how over the-top they are. I swear I would wear them all the time if they weren’t so impractical. I just love how delicate and detailed the nails are in this video. True, they’re meant to last, but the inspiration and the time put in blows my mind!

Hmm, maybe when my nails finish healing from that Shellac manicure, I’ll start gluing my nails with rhinestones, bows and cinnabuns like I did that one time.., here is my equally sophisticated 3-D nail attempt from last year, NOT! ‘)

Crazy Nails

Haute Couture Red

Haute Couture Red

I know, I know, these blog posts have been a little heavy but I’m not that serious all the time. I do have frivolous interests and hobbies, and my nail game is one of them. I like my hands and get them to look super-presentable once in a while. This time, I’ve painted my nails a deep, dark red, one of my favorite nail colors to wear ever and one that I patiently reserve to wear only in the fall and winter. You won’t catch me wearing this when it’s hot and sunny all the time- it feels really awkward to me, like wearing boots on the beach.

For most people in the northern hemisphere, it’s still summer and you can get away with crop tops and shorts and sandals. But here in San Francisco, it’s foggy and overcast and windy always, it really might as well be autumn all the time. I’m using my manicure to declare the start of fall, damn it.

As far as the look goes, I am pretty proud of my paint job – looks like I got it done at the shop, no? Well, there are several reasons I’m a fan of this shade. I think it is generally flattering, depending on the season, but it is especially pretty on fair to light complexions, because the color provides such a stark contrast. As a result, it draws your eyes to hand gestures and movements, and even the most mundane tasks, like typing, swiping a credit card, pushing buttons on a phone, appear graceful and sophisticated.I prefer this color on short nails because it’s already such a power statement- don’t f*ck with me, I’m a grown-ass woman- that a long nail would be an overkill. A short nail is clean, neat and low-maintenance, which balances a color that is so attention-worthy and bold.