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Here is a collection from a sick photo shoot in SF, and my newly made-over blog.

Photo shoot

I was very blessed to meet and shoot with my friend Abraham Espiritu, a super dope Bay Area based photographer and creative mind. He has an incredible talent and a very distinctive style, which you can see in these photos.

My favorite element of this photo story is that even though it feels kind of serious, I see a playful relationship between the sunlight, the shadows and the backdrop.

Definitely check out his work, and follow him on instagram. Abe, thanks so much for letting me be part of your work and I hope you are having an amazing time in Bali. The world can’t wait to see the pics you take.


I’m pretty decent at a lot of things, but social media is not one of these things (yet!). I think this is due in part to my fear of embarrassing myself. Every time I want to share something for public display, I get really nervous, and then I either delay sharing, or don’t share as publicly as I should. Consider this an attempt to conquer my fear of looking lame!

I just created a Facebook page for my blog, because I know most of the people who read my blog aren’t even on WordPress, and I want you to more readily access my content. Kind friends, will you entertain my thirsty ass by liking this page, and sharing with your friends?


I am not a web design person by any means but I did have to learn some new skills to make this previously clunky looking blog look a bit more like my style (cleaner, minimal). I want to thank my friends who guided me along the way: Jan, Michael, Tahsin, and Elizabeth – you’re all baddies. My baby cousins Chris and Jasmine – thank you for being my glam team and photo squad.

Many thanks and many blessings!



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Monolid on Liu Wen

Liu Wen

Most of the time, I feel pangs of jealousy when I see a model, and at the same time think that models are unnaturally beautiful / strange looking aliens that we should not really strive to be… but this is another story. Still, however, I will not lie – I feel pride when I see an Asian model in a magazine or on a runway, especially one with a monolid (or, non double-eyelids). I read a blog post by a fellow Asian beauty blogger, and was discouraged to see that she was unhappy with her eyes, which is unfortunately how a majority of Asian women feel towards their eyelids. This makes me so upset and frustrated, because to think an eyelid wrinkle could have so much power on someone’s confidence about her appearance is unbelievable…a beauty culture that devalues a beautiful and racialized facial feature is one that needs to be challenged. I’m glad that this model is featured in many editorials and advertisements, staring straight at me with her beautiful mono-lidded eyes.