Fifty-leven Days, Umteen Hours into Quarantine, but Hey! It’s Spring 🌸

Been going a little stir crazy inside the house, especially when all this color is waiting for us outside. I try to visit the park when there are less people, but as you can see, it was very hard to stay away when the sun came out and the cherry blossoms were looking so thicccc and fluffy.

Last week has been week of the little tasks to help combat the quarantine insanity. My tasks included washing my sheets (a bigger deal when you’re in the epicenter and no laundry machine in the building), cleaning the house, making progress in my book, a few home work outs, and getting around to some mundane errands I have been pushing off for months.

I also got around to my version of arts and crafts. I am pretty fascinated by nail art – I think nails are as fine as a canvas as anything else. By far, these are the most advanced nails I’ve ever painted and they’re still pretty amateur. I will say it’s a great way to really concentrate on something with full mental capacity!

Other than that, my two other emotionally stabilizing activities are my walks in the park and the 7 pm window cheer for essential workers. The cheering makes me feel like I’m not alone and that nice people live all around me. The park nearly makes me cry with its explosion of blooms – truly remarkable to see it change dramatically almost every time I visit.

I hope you liked the photos and that you have access to something beautiful in your life too! It’s all we’ve got these days. Pls everyone get some good sleep and we will keep it moving.



PS my favorite meme of the week.

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