Fall Lovers Rejoice While I Mourn the Sun

As much as I would love to have an eternal summer of love, it appears nothing lasts forever and fall certainly fell on us this very week. 10/12 is the day I actually needed a jacket. If anyone wants to know when NYC gets chilly, there it is.

Here is the seasonal transition depicted in wardrobe selections.

Last week: a light blazer, skirt and some open toed heels.

Early this week: a long sleeved blouse, jeans, and my funky chunky ankle boots. Still no jacket.

Yesterday: a long sleeved button down cotton blouse AND chunky cashmere sweater, jeans, long riding boots, and an appropriate facial expression.

I have been dreading the drop in temp and number of daylight hours just because I find winter so challenging, but I am also determined to make the most out of the fall and survive the winter using any knowledge I have accumulated since moving here two years ago (!!!!).

In an attempt to rally myself, here are the fall things I kind of appreciate:

  • Soup – I started making soup again and it’s the easiest and most comforting food. If anyone has any hearty, flavorful soup recipes, I would love see!
  • Candles – They’re just more charming when it’s cold. What I love most about candles is they can act like little bookmarks in my life. Every time burn a new scented candle, it’s like I am associating that smell with a certain time in my life. So if I smell the Crane Flower candle by Volupsa, I think of winter in my SF apartment, and when I burn Le Labo Santal 26, I think of winter in Brooklyn. I’m burning another Volupsa candle now which I hope will remind me of a happy winter 2018 in my UES apartment.

  • Holidays – Thanksgiving is my fave holiday because it’s all about food and gratitude, and then shortly after that everyone has holiday cheer for Xmas. This year I am going to Asia for the first time, which is a huge deal!

And that’s about it. Can anyone else share what they love about this time of the year? Today, I have to put away all of the clothes I feel most comfortable in, like open toed shoes, denim shorts, skirts, crop tops, and hats and replace them with everything that constrains me and my body for the next 6 months. It’s so sad.

I guess I’ll just put on a beanie and get over it.



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