Digital Cleansing | Do Not Disturb

After I came back from my trip to the south, particularly the solo portion in Charleston, I felt clearer about what I needed to do to optimize my life, health, and mood. The world makes it seem complicated, but it always comes back to the same thing: taking care of my body, which, for me, looks like sleeping better, exercising more, and eating foods as close to their natural state / are the colors of the rainbow.

In order to make these a priority, I need time and energy. You know what takes a lot of my time and energy, without measurable return? The digital / social media vortex, that’s what.

I started another digital cleanse this week, deleted all the apps and haven’t checked my Facebook. Every evening has felt more spacious and productive. I’ve gone to the gym or the park, practiced my guitar, even eaten dinner without scrolling through IG. I’ve gone to bed super early a couple times, around 9:30, and I feel much more relaxed knowing that I have a few hours to fall asleep. I’ve also been switching my phone on airplane mode at night, and so far, no emergencies or disasters.

So far, I’ve slept well and despite having my semi annual throat infection, I think I’m feeling ok. I fall asleep more easily if I’m on instagram for an hour while I’m in bed… go figure. It’s nice not to feel pressured to fall asleep, knowing that I have X number of hours before having to start the day again. Isn’t it strange how we humans put unnecessary, counterproductive stress on ourselves?

As I write this, I’m in my kitchen this AM eating some avocado toast and enjoying coffee. It’s really peaceful and nice, but part of me feels a millennial urge to post it on my story, which is why it’s great I don’t even have instagram on my phone.

One more thought. Even though it’s obvious that sleep, exercise, and nutrition are the keys to feeling better, it’s easy for that to fall by the wayside when you have cheap, mindless distractions and alternatives. Part of why prioritizing health is top of mind right now is (don’t judge me) Ariana Grande’s song ‘get well soon’. She sings ‘please take care of your body’ and I had it stuck in my head the whole time I was in the south, which is probs why I was even thinking about it in the first place. What a useful, catchy song. Thanks Ariana Grande for the reminder.



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  1. Ah! Whenever I go out with friends and order food pretty much everyone takes out there phone and starts clicking photos and them post it on IG stories or Snapchat. It’s really irritating and unnecessary too. What’s the point?? I’m glad that you got to decleanse yourself. I have to try this too.

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