Grateful For Canadian Tuxedos (+)

GRATITUDE IS AN ATTITUDE, YA KNOW! So cheesy, and I’m being 100% sincere about it. The other day, I was aggressive because everyone was complaining around me.

Today, I want to soften a bit and share things I’m grateful for. You gain a lot by identifying the things you appreciate in others, in your life, in the world. Whether life is going well or going poorly for me, I find that being in a grateful state of mind always improves how I’m feeling and how I act. Most people always have three to five things they can name and appreciate, if not many more than that.

I’m always grateful to be healthy and happy in my body (rashes and anxiety aside), to have a job that keeps a roof over my head, to have choices in my life, to have a great friends and family members who care about me. I live a privileged life compared to the generation(s) before me and I don’t take it for granted. When I think about these things long enough, it brings me to tears.

The gratitude list doesn’t always have to be super serious. It’s actually fun to find the little details in life to love; it strengthens your gratitude muscle. Here are some other things I notice and appreciate.

Thing 1 – Homemade dinners on Sundays with roommate. We both cook something and eat it together. A meal made with care.

Thing 2 – The delight of seeing other people enjoy food that I enjoy. It’s one of my great satisfactions in life. I am always excited to share XLBs.

Thing 3 – Californian friends visiting NYC

Thing 4 – Seeing my mom’s cheeks on my face. Thanks Mom.

Thing 5 – Canadian tuxedos πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I love denim on denim so much. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!!!

What are you grateful for?



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