About this heat. And, in general, stop complaining.


I get it, you’re sweating, it feels heavy, you’d rather it be 7 degrees cooler. But it has been gloomy and rainy for like 6 weeks straight, so the last thing I wanna hear is people complain about a spike in temperature, as if it’s not going to be 70 degrees colder in a few short months.

Instead of these vibrant summer colors, long hours of daylight, dewy sunkissed skin, outdoor seating, and warmth, winter is going to bring back black, black, and more black, depressingly long nights and short days, pasty complexions, vitamin D deficiencies, and bitter cold… and it’s gonna last longer than you think.

Also, in general, stop complaining. I’m a human being and a dramatic one at that, but I have little patience for endless griping about first world problems. I believe in timed, solution-oriented venting, and if I can’t succeed in doing that, I try to limit how much of my internal melodrama I share with others. It’s called *emotional hygiene*. At the end of the day, it’s not a big deal, and, while it’s nice to get things off your chest, it’s crucial to prioritize context.

So, save the drama for your mama, and please STFU about the heat. Thank you SO much.



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