I’m on a Boat (to Ikea)

Today I took a water taxi to Ikea in Brooklyn and it was actually a lovely experience. We had $60 of store credit to use and no big furniture to purchase, so it was very low pressure.

Ikea retail locations have always been far AF from anywhere I have lived, and it’s no different here, since I’m in the UES and the store is in freakin’ Red Hook. But, no problem because there is a free boat that travels between pier 11 and Ikea. So convenient. Highly encourage it.

We got lunch (Ikea food is the business and I’m ready to fight anyone who disagrees… except I admit this boiled vegetable situation is not cute) and strolled around the store.

In a big store like this, I think it’s best to know what you’re looking for, since there is no shortage of diversions. My roomie and I were looking to decorate a console table. I still got distracted and bought a replacement rug.

Not quite finished but this is what we have so far. Think it needs a big frame behind, what do you think?



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