What’s In My (work) Bag?

I assume most women carry the same things in their bags and they don’t…I’m always wrong when I guess. But I am super curious and would totally creep in other women’s bags, given the chance. So here’s what I keep in mine, in case any of you are creepers, too.

The most critical pieces and the mantra I repeat before leaving the house – phone, keys, wallet. PHONE. KEYS. WALLET.

Another crucial item I must always have is my pair of earphones. I low key panic when I don’t have them, especially if I’m going to work, because I use them all day and don’t remove them unless I have meetings. They keep me calmer and less distracted.

The non critical yet clutch items I keep in my purse:

  • At least 5 lip colors, because I am known to change them throughout the day depending on how I feel,
  • A portable hairbrush / mirror, because the mane gets out of hand at this length,
  • Perfume oil, when I need a refresher or to feel rich,
  • iPhone cord, for battery emergencies,
  • Ibuprofen one time use packets which I have stolen from work, also for unforeseen pain relief,
  • Random bobbi pins for hair emergencies,
  • Notebook and pen, or a book for productivity or entertainment during commutes,
  • Depending on my shoe choice, a bag of toms (people in the office wear stilettos a lot, but no one wears them in the street because the streets are crazy. Many people pack shoes. A little ridiculous but I’m telling you, keeping a pair of lightweight walking shoes in your bag is super clutch.)

All that fits in my purse, and helps me keep my stuff together!



One thought

  1. I’m a creeper too! I used to devour those what’s in my bag posts when they were all the rage. And I also panic when I don’t have my earphones with me (I have 2 back ups at work) and also carry 5 lipsticks 😁

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