Does It Count As Exercise If You Smile?

Exercise is the practice I struggle with most in maintaining any form of consistency, and it’s because I suck at it. I am well below average for endurance, speed, balance… pretty much everything required to do well in sports. I’m also extraordinary lazy, dramatic, and I get tired easily.

People who know me and don’t know me roll their eyes when I talk about my fitness fails because I’m thin. But I can’t lift, I can barely touch my toes, and I sure as shit can’t run a mile without stopping to cry.

The only way I can get myself to purposefully exercise is if there is something fun about it, and even then, it is a great challenge to keep it up. My favorite exercise is anything that requires music, Zumba being the most fun, but I also realized one other piece that makes exercising more likely to happen: A FRIEND WHO DOES NOT JUDGE YOU (who also will not force you to run).

My roommate and I have gone on a total of two walks together around the reservoir in Central Park (two loops, I might add, which is one more than I usually do alone). I really enjoy walking because it’s one of the few things I can do well for a really long time without complaining or getting low key anxious.

Is that not crazy? I get anxious when I think I have to do some sort of physical activity tied to a measurement. I would actually panic if I had to be part of a running club. I think this is what people must feel like when they don’t dance but are pressured to dance. Yikes.

Anyway, I’m digging the walks because we get to be outside, connect with each other, count the number of cuties we see on the path, do triceps dips when we see benches, and conclude by walking into the big church nearby for a silent few minutes of meditation.

I’m not upset or humiliated or exhausted by the end – instead I feel content. It’s a different feeling than post Zumba or “jogging” on the treadmill. I don’t feel a huge sense of accomplishment or endorphin high, but I think this kind of gentle exercise still counts as something AND is most likely to be consistent. Time will tell.

Oh I think I will also go to yoga class again this week because I know I can always go into child’s pose if everyone is getting too hype. Namaste!

Anyway, sending lots of good vibes to start the week. WE ARE OFFICIALLY DONE WITH RETROGRADE! Celebrate!



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