RIP Aretha Franklin


It’s always a sad day when we lose a legendary vocal diva. 😦

This is one of my fave Aretha performances. The story is that Carole King wrote “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and put it on her album “Tapestry”, and then Aretha came along, sang her version of it, and blew it out of the park. In this performance, you can see how Carole King stans for Ms. Franklin, and it’s EVERYTHING. #femaleempowerment

Also, I know this isn’t Aretha peforming, but the Grammy’s Aretha Franklin tribute from 2011 is, in my humble opinion, one of the best diva performances I’ve seen, EVER. I’ve been looking for the full video for years. It was so ~*EXTRA*~ that derivative memes are still circulating the ‘gram to this day.

My favorite song by Aretha is probably “Ain’t No Way” even though the lyrics don’t make sense to me. It’s that octave jump falsetto in the back that gets me.

Well, sounds like it’s gonna be Aretha all day on Spotify today. Rest in paradise, legend.


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