A Hand Model’s Guide to Camera-Ready Hands + Bonus Video


I wasn’t lying about being a hand model!!! It goes to show you SOME DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Here’s an unboxing video on a kit I pushed to launch… it is so satisfying on several levels!

Whether my hands are VIRAL is up for discussion but it’s true that my hands have been and are still being used for product videos like this. I figured I would share with you how I get my hands in tip top condition, so they look as good as possible under HD cameras. I have little hacks here and there.

Tip 1 – Don’t DIY

Maybe this is cheating, but (obviously) anytime you go on camera, your hands and nails need to look as flawless as possible. Those cameras pick up everything. That means your manicure is critical and there are definitely differences in quality. Once you find your gal who does it right, NEVER LET HER GO. #loyalty

Tip 2 – Find your nude

We never shoot with bold nail colors because they are distracting to the viewer, so we usually opt for a pink / nude shade.  There are a million shades of pink / nude, and varying levels of opacity, so it’s good to find the one that works for your skin tone and preference. My shades are more on the warm-ish white side, and more opaque than translucent.

My fave mani by Aquatica Nail in SF #nailgame #fingernailsmagic


(I don’t do gel, shellac, acrylics because they’re way too abrasive for me.)

Tip 3 – Stop the cuticle harassment

Stop picking them, and ask any aggressive nail lady to calm down when it comes to cutting them. You can’t have cute hands with an explosion of dead cuticles everywhere, but cutting them so much that you’re about to bleed is a temporary fix that makes cuticles look even worse the next day… and you potential hand models would not want that to happen on location, RIGHT?

I ask my nail lady to push them back, and only cut any crazy stragglers. But I no longer have her preemptively cut them, since I know they’ll grow back more quickly.

Tip 4 – Keep lip balm and a nail file at your bed

My lip balm doubles as a cuticle balm, and that will keep them moisturized and happy during the night. I also started keeping a file close by so that if I do have crazy cuticles, I gently file them off, rather than ripping them off with my teeth or my fingers. Less damage.

Tip 5 – Hand cream is your best friend

I generally feel like if anything on your body looks janky, just throw a little moisturizer on it. This is a tried and true hack for hands. Dead skin looks obvious, flaky, and white, but it plumps up and becomes transparent (aka invisible) when there is some hydration in the mix. Not only that, you get a little glow and light bounce-back. So always carry hand cream to shoot.

Tip 5.5 – Excess skincare goes on the hands

Think about this: your hands are as exposed to the elements as your face, they touch ALL the things, and if you’re not nasty, you wash them several times a day, every day. Why wouldn’t they deserve all the expensive creams and treatments you put on your face?

Not sure when I started doing this but it happened naturally – any time I had extra exfoliator, serum, face cream left over, I’d use it on my hands. I don’t know if it makes any difference, but that’s the least I could do for what my hands do for me every day.

There is a saying that you can tell someone’s age more accurately by looking at their hands versus their face, and it’s true. Take care of your hands, give them a little TLC.


The ( viral hand) model / Trace

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