Morning is probably the best part of the day for me. When I actually get up and have a little extra time before I start my day, it feels so luxurious and productive. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those psychos who get up at 4 am to run 10 miles… dat ain’t me. But I do love the potential of the morning.

A good morning looks and feels similar to the one I am having now. I have woken from a restful sleep and the sun up too, which means I can really enjoy the amazing light in my living room.

I think the best mornings are undisturbed by social media, emails, texts. I’m guilty of opening Instagram when I wake up and looking right before I sleep, but it’s really refreshing every time I don’t. I love my memes and entertainment but it’s all cheap and I end up scrolling throughout the day, anyway.

Here and there, I’ve been setting my phone on airplane mode starting at 10 pm, and I don’t turn it back on until I’ve done my morning routine. That helps me avoid the Instagram spiral. Like I’ll literally spend my first 45 min in bed on my phone and it’s a waste. Not waking up to texts and notifications is priceless because I don’t want y’all drama before I figure out my own shit for the day ☝🏼

Good mornings also mean I’m prepared to slay when I walk out the house, instead of looking like a sloth. When I can give my hair and make up a good 15 minutes, I feel better. Today I am wearing my favorite and only slip dress – a little sauce but not TOO much. I like clothes you can wear to the office AND to da clu(r)b.

I’m really hoping I can get into a drive in movie screening of Mean Girls downtown tonight. That would be so fetch.



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