How Can I Lose? I’m Surrounded By Angels.

adult affection beads blur

I don’t have much to say today. Apparently both Mars and Mercury are in retrograde, and both are really doing the most. I have had an irritating start to the week, but am more thankful than ever to be surrounded by angels.

I’m calling them angels now because ‘close friends’ is not tender or significant enough of a term. It’s super important to me to have people I can turn to when I experience ups and downs because they remind me that I’m loved and blessed and respected, and they remind me of who I am. I remember that I am not alone – they celebrate my wins with me, and when it’s time to take the L, I’m not by myself.

It makes a huge difference to feel like you’re surrounded by people who care about you, protect you, and want you to be happy. For me, it’s also kind of special that I have friends on both coasts and in between, gassing me up via iMessage. It’s worth saying thank you to those special people in my life, because even Mars, Mercury, and the cheapness they’ve presented this week don’t stand a chance against me with my angels. I hope you have angels too.



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