Rainy Days and Clay Masking

Retrograde is still up my ass, you guys. It’s a gloomy yet HOT day here in NYC, but the generous gods have bestowed upon me two gifts: Summer Fridays and AC unit. I have come home and am trying a new product that bareMinerals just launched in the skincare, which is the Claymates Mask Duo Be Pure & Be Dewy.


It’s a really cute product, with a cool package. This jar contains two clay masks, one to purify the skin, and the other to impart a dewy glow. Since different parts of the face sometimes need different treatment, this is a perfect multitasking product. For example, my t-zone can get oily and my cheeks can get dry, which is why I chose these masks.


I’ve always loved masking as a way to relax take a moment for myself, and it’s even more exciting now that I get to share these mask moments with my LOVELY roommate, who allows her face to be used as a guinea pig for our concoctions.


My balanced complexion and I will see you tomorrow! 🙂



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