Hello August | Hello Consistency | Hello Mercury

I think I mentioned this summer 2018 has been a really amazing season to me so far. It has been a long stretch of contentment, sunshine, a sprinkle of adventure, music, laughter, relaxation and friendships. I’m very grateful to have enjoyed the past two months as much as I have.

I’ve been blogging very sporadically because I really don’t know what to share most of the time. I only ever blog when I have a picture to show, but that means I often don’t write at all unless there is a photo involved. It feels limiting and I do miss writing for no reason except that I want to. So I’ve decided that every day this month I will post something on my blog, even if it is one sentence and has no picture. I’d like to TRY consistency in one area of life and see where it takes me.

Stop being a little bitch, Mercury.

Today I wanted to talk about Mercury being in retrograde. For the record, I don’t believe in horoscopes and my interest peaked around the 5th grade, after I spent the only money I was given to buy a horoscope book from one of those scholastic buses (ya remember those?! #throwback). I only got it because there was one section on romantic compatibilities based on star sign, and I needed to know what the deal was with my 10 year old crush. The book said we were a great match, but we didn’t end up together, so I gave up on astrology as a science.

Everyone in the office has been telling me “mercury is in retrograde” which basically means all kinds of shit is going left, people feel off balance, there is bad juju in the air, any sort of inconvenience now has a legitimate excuse. Even though I’ve been riding pretty high for the last two months, I’ve gotta say this week has been balls, for no REAL reason. I’ve been in a funky mood, sort of anxious in my body like I’ve had too much caffeine, highly emotional and slightly irrational – classic PMS. Who ordered sushi and ate it in bed on a Tuesday while bawling her eyes out watching “A Dog’s Purpose”? Girl I been trippin’.

I got into a weird, unexpectedly-tense conversation today about mental illness and felt hella triggered. I have a strong opinion about mental health and I sort of got into it with someone who I not only felt like was spewing **alternative facts** aka misinformation, but who also suggested that I was contributing to mental health stigma…which I’ve been openly trying to break for the last 4 years. I walked away from that conversation feeling unresolved and upset. I have no aha moment here except that all of this was framed through my perception, and perhaps my ego felt hyper defensive. No progress can be made in a conversation when egos feel that way. For that reason, I just sage-d my house because I DON’T NEED NO DRAMA. NO-NO DRAMA. NO-NO-NO-NO DRAMA.

Anyway, I googled Mercury in retrograde and apparently it goes until August 18th. I have no intention of letting Mercury get in the way of me living my best life beyond this week. I still have summer Fridays to take advantage of, my bestie is coming to visit me in NYC for the first time, and I’m too concerned with having my best summer ever. So thanks, but no thanks.



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  1. Ohhh, so that’s what that means! So do zodiac signs go into retrograde? Because I’ve just been saying, yep aries is totally in gatorade. πŸ˜‚

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