It Was Worth The Wait | Summer 2018


Hi frendos! I haven’t touched the blog in quite some time because I’ve been too busy living my best life. I’ve been so, so happy lately – the past few weeks have been a dream and I really feel like I’m on summer vacation, like when you’re a kid and have nothing to worry about.

Praise bey-jesus, my work life has begun to go in the direction I’ve been pushing for, and I have much more balance than I used to have (none). I’ve finished up my category of promotionals and Holiday sets, and now I’m moving back into product development for skincare, which is where I started out my career. I’m super hype to jump in, cover myself with formulas to test and sniff!

It’s also summer now, which is my favorite time of the year because warm weather, longer daylight hours, people are in a better mood, no more vitamin D deficiency, summer fridays (we all get out at 1 pm on Fri), better social life, and I feel most like myself, with my tank top, denim shorts, and a big smile. I love the NY in the summer too because all the trees and plants are finally green, restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating, the park is filled with people having picnics, ice cream trucks are everywhere, rooftop bars are in full swing, and everyone is out and about.


I’ve also been using this summer to do more local travel. The cool thing about being a West Coaster on the East Coast is that there are so many casual nearby places to go that are super exciting and new to me. For example, I’d never been to the American South, so a few weeks ago, I booked a flight to Savannah, GA, which was relatively inexpensive and beyond lovely. Will share a post + pics soon. Last weekend, I visited THE JERSEY SHORE (oh, yes I did) and learned that the Shore is quite extensive and there are many little towns along it (some for raging, some more lowkey). I went to visit my friend / her beach house in Point Pleasant, which happens to be the cutest beach town I’ve ever seen. Will also share a post + pics soon. In September, I’m gonna fly back down to the South to visit New Orleans and Charleston, and I can’t wait.

I’m also just feeling more naturally social. I’m coming up on 2 years in NY (wut) so it’s nice to have a few groups of wonderful friends to enjoy AND to continue making more connections here. Legit, there are so many people and I just want to go dancing with all of them.

I just feel my best. I feel more energetic, more radiant, more buoyant. Hope ya are having a fabulous summer and getting some color on your skin! Melanin + SPF!




*Also, anyone listen to that new Justin Timberlake song, SoulMate? BANGER!!!!

One thought

  1. Sometimes it’s important to take a break. Ross and Rachel are one good example. I’m assuming you’ve watched friends to get that reference.

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