I May Never Buy Lipstick Again | Many, Many Selfies


That was dramatic and 100% untrue, but I have very strong feelings about NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment. Please prepare yourself for the greatest number of selfies I have taken in one blog session in order to illustrate my point today.

Here’s the deal: NARS has made achieving a precise, defined, full-coverage lip simple stupid. I don’t care what level of make up expertise you have, whether you are a pro, an amateur, or an absolute novice. You need this in your bag.

I mentioned in my previous blog / photoshoot  post this was a perfect marriage of formula and package – the product is SUPER thin (like water) and pigmented, but the applicator is also thin and rigid. Since the application is so precise, you don’t need to worry about color going anywhere except for where you want it – your lips.

For the girls who want a little boom boom pow color (like me), but do not have the time, patience, or expertise to apply clunky lipsticks without making mistakes, THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER.


I have applied all five of the Powermatte Lip Pigments I own, and while I consider myself a professional amateur of make up, I was able to apply all shades within 1 to 2 minutes and without going back to correct with a make up remover. Ladies, I applied every shade sitting on my couch, using a hand mirror, and I didn’t even fuck up.


I also inadvertently found a hack to switch up the finishes of the lip colors using my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I’ve decided the mask is glorified, strawberry-flavored vaseline, and noticed that when I put it over the Powermatte, it changes the finish from matte to gloss. But in the spirit of choosing the path with least resistance, this is the easiest way to achieve a perfect high coverage lip with a shine finish.

First shade: American Woman.  Full sizes are $26. This is my favorite shade and one of their top sellers. It’s a super flattering dusty mauve. If you’re new at the lip game, I would start with here since you can’t mess up a dirty neutral shade 🙂


Plus lip mask. I’m a genius.


Second shade: Hot Blooded (comes in mini size only, in a duo for $22 – OMG OMG buy this immediately, what a steal! #neverpayfullprice) This shade is a bit more peachy orange white in real life. I’m going to wear it every day in the summer – I love the look of an orange creamsicle lip + peachy cheek. It’ll be part of my uniform, along with my black tank top and vintage high rise Levi’s denim shorts. Every. Single. Day.


I may actually prefer this shade with gloss on top. It’s so fresh-looking. Could I pass for a cool South Korean girl? Say yes.


Third shade: Give It Up. Now we’re getting into the punchy territory. This is a blue-toned fuschia and a bright, statement shade. I was nervous about the color, but I realized it’s possible to pull off wilder shades than you think, as long as they’re applied with precision. That’s how you show them hoes you wore it with intention! OKAY.


For an even bolder look, a little shine on top. I like the ’80’s vibes.


Fourth shade: Cherry Bomb (limited edition, only comes in mini and duo for $22 – BUY THIS RIGHT NOW, I IMPLORE YOU). I believe the most classic, bad ass make up look is a flawless red lip with a winged line. I wear red with a ‘go hard or go home’ mentality. I respect that a red lip must always look clean, otherwise don’t do it at all. For a long time, wearing red was challenging because it’s so easy to mess up.

Now, I can get it right in under a minute! The game has been changed.


UGH, and a patent latex, high shine red. Even harder to achieve, and yet, here we are. Sexy can I.


Fifth shade: Wild Night. The truth is that no one will mess with you if you wear this color. I feel like such a baddie.


Is a glossy deep black plum my favorite lip look? No. Is it all over Pinterest on edgy fashion models? Yes. Do I like having the option of looking like a edgy fashion model on pinterest? Also, yes.


If you made it this far, thanks for looking at all these pictures of my mouth. I hope I convinced you to pick up some Powermattes of your own. Can’t wait to see your lips dressed up in them.

And if you are wondering what else I am wearing today, I will tell you and add links! I’ve been obsessed with the glass skin trend coming out of Korea and I just want to glow like the Korean girls. So, I am heavy on skincare and oil these days. Here’s what I used below. I included their prices not to be a douche, but so you can decide whether or not to even click on the link – most people know their budgets.

Buffet by the Ordinary ($14.50)
Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate by Shiseido ($125)
Rosehip Seed Oil by the Ordinary ($6.80)
Skinlongevity Vital Power Eye Gel Cream by bareMinerals ($32)
Bare Pro Longwear Foundation by bareMinerals ($34)
Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard by NARS ($30)
Dual Intensity Blush in Jubiliation by NARS ($45)
II Blush in the Narsissist Studio Cheek Palette  by NARS ($55)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer ($23)
Tarteist Clay Eyeliner in Copper by Tarte ($24 for 4 minis)
Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced ($23)

May you all have a fantastic week ahead, and may your lips be as bold as your spirit.



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