Self Care + Bath Bombs | Kaleidosoaps Shop


I have succumb to whatever shit virus has been going around, woe is me. My throat hasn’t felt this bad since I got a tonsillectomy last year, and my body feels weak and shaky. I admit, I’ve not been taking care of myself mentally or physically since the New Year, despite my many hopes to get this back on track in my resolutions. As predictable as it sounds, I’ve been too preoccupied with work to focus on myself.

The truth is that I often find work to be overwhelmingly bananas, and it feels taboo to talk about it on my blog, because I don’t want to sound incapable or ungrateful. I have worked hard to build a career in the beauty industry, which can be glamorous, fun, and exciting. But my current situation has been a challenge for a long time; I don’t have work life balance, and something’s gotta give soon. My immune system and sanity cannot take many more hits to sell lipsticks.

When I feel uneasy and nervous, I try to find ways to balance it out with self care practices and relaxation techniques. This helps me to ‘zoom out’, gain some perspective, recognize the many blessings that I can’t see when I’m worried about looming deadlines. There are tons of meditation apps that you can find, including Headspace, Stop, Breathe & Think, and Insight Timer (this one is free). I did a 20 minute guided meditation the other day and was surprised at how much calmer I felt afterward. Ommmm.

One of my new favorite ways to treat myself is by running a nice bath, and I only learned this through meeting my very talented friend, David Thibodeau. He created a line of luxe, eco-friendly bath products, called Kaleidosoaps Shop, and I fell deeply in love with his incredible bath bombs, which create the most beautiful, fragrant and all-around fabulous baths I couldn’t have imagined. He has a flair for the dramatic, and so do his products.

If you haven’t used a bath bomb, here’s what you need to know: they’re these solid blocks of magic (salts, baking soda, fragrance oils etc) that dissolve in water.


What’s amazing about Kaleidosoaps bathbombs is that they’re SO much fun to watch – the first one I ever tried fizzed into a rainbow explosion. Then, when they’ve finished fizzing, you’re left with a gorgeous, unexpected, vibrantly colored bathwater (which doesn’t stain your tub or your skin, btw). Also, the fragrant essential oil blends mix into the water and evaporate with the steam, for some natural aromatherapy. Such a divine treat to the senses.

For my baths, I like to light candles, bring a book, throw on a mask, rest my head on a soft towel, and, most critically, keep a tall glass of iced water next to me – I find this allows me to sit in the bath longer because I can cool down.  I listen to bossa nova or jazz to please my inner 40 year old, and then splash around in the pretty bathwater to please my inner 8 year old.


When I take these little moments to pamper myself (which I’m not in the least bit self conscious about), I feel a sense of calm and ease, which gives me energy to recharge. I notice that I can return to work with more energy and a better attitude, and a more flexible outlook on life.

While baths will likely not solve big life problems, they can be a temporary balm to soothe the soul, and taking the time strengthens a commitment to self love and self care, which we all deserve. I encourage you to treat yourself by visiting the Kaleidosoaps Shop and picking up a few bath bombs for yourself. Also, I know they’re hard at work on an incredible Spring collection, so be on the lookout for even MORE amazing bombs to choose from.



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