Life in Blue|Portrait


My friend Abe was kind enough to take my portrait again while I was in San Francisco and these are my favorite shots. I really love the way he edited them – I tend to like lighter colors and there’s an interesting blue tint across these photos.

Blue has been an important, thematic color to my life for the past few years. My friend used to tell me she saw people’s auras in color; everyone gave off an energy which she would translate into hues. While neither of us believe it’s the color of my energy, I have seen and felt blue in the energy of people and places around me, which have shaped me.

Blue is also a word I like to use as an emotion. It is a softer, gentler way to express momentary sadness. I go in and out of blue all the time, I think I have accepted it.

As beautiful as this color is, I look forward to a different color theme to emerge in the next season of my life. Maybe it should be black and white like when I put my pen to paper. I tend to already prefer things to be that way. Or maybe it can be vibrant and light and unexpected.

Is it possible that 2018 will be a year of a different color? I hope so.



*I am wearing NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in American Woman and it’s the weirdest formula but I fucking love it. The texture is extremely thin, very liquid, with high pigment intensity, paired to a very rigid applicator to get the shape right. This shade looks good on literally anyone.

** Maybe my next thematic color will be American Woman, one can only pray 😉

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