MY FIRST VLOG EVER| No Training Wheels

One of my 2017 new years resolutions was to do things on a regular basis that put me at risk of embarrassing myself. I’m not CRAZY – I hate embarrassment just as much as the next person! But I have allowed my fear of failing in front of people stop me from pursuing or sharing things I’m interested in, like video blogging for starters.

As I’ve said in the past, my friend Rosendale has always encouraged me out of my comfort zone, by featuring me in his vlogs and music videos, and by teaching me. For the first time without his presence as my training wheels, THIS IS MY FIRST VIDEO BLOG!

I would LOVE it if you liked and/or shared this video, and let me know what you think.

Next week I’ll be unveiling some sick shots from a photoshoot with my absolute favorite photographer Abraham Espiritu. Can’t wait to share…



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