Should I Start A Video Blog?


Coming back at you from the PLACE today on a nice quiet weekend afternoon and reflecting on the last week. HOLY SMOKES, we went VIRAL!

I can’t thank Rosendale enough for pulling me into his mash up / music video. Right now, we’re hovering around 100k total views across channels, and Radio One Lebanon liked it so much they shared it.  How insane is that?

I always have a hard time following up with blog post when the previous project does well. I feel some pressure to live up to it, but I remember that I love creating content for the sake of it, so here I go again. No singing or dancing; this time, just photos and words.

just lil’ old me today

Rosendale came over for dinner and we talked about his experiences with his music and how he does it all. He’s a one man show – when you see his videos, that’s all his sound, video, audio and video editing, marketing. It’s incredible, and I’m also inspired by his drive, humility, sincere willingness to support his friends in following their creative passions. He encourages my blog, any music excerpts I share on my instagram, and he has been pushing me to start a vlog since 2015.

I am both very interested in vlogging but also completely terrified.

While he was here, we discovered that all the equipment I already own and use for my blog can also be leveraged for a videos. He patiently explained to me how everything works, from camera settings to video editing. Essentially, I have all the tools available, so all I need to do is pick them up and *Shia Labeouf* JUST. DO IT.


Perched here on my couch as I am much of the time (albeit in less make up and looser fitting clothes), I look forward to new projects to work on, especially with the winter season quickly approaching. Maybe you will see a video of my own, with Rosendale as a guest. Stay tuned!



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