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This weekend was MAJOR for my apartment decor development!!! My friend Marjorie from San Francisco came for a work / fun visit and stayed for a few days. She spent one of her afternoons in the Upper West Side and ended up at the land of endless possibilities that is Home Goods. Shit went down.


What did my friend do? She went apartment shopping on my behalf because she saw there were clear deco gaps that I hadn’t gotten to in my bedroom. Can you believe this girl? I recently learned that she and I have very similar (if not exactly the same) taste in decor, so everything she picked out was ON POINT, EN POINTE (she’s french) – perfect for me and very functional at the same time.


After re-organizing with my new goodies, here’s my room finished (for now!).


First stop, desk. I have an above-average amount of make up and brushes (this is after I purged), but I had been storing them in random Sephora bags and small clutches, without rhyme or reason. These acrylic nests are very helpful and I can now see everything in front of me, all organized in a system that makes sense. Ironically, I do not have a mirror here so I can’t see my face…baby steps.

I will preemptively answer the question I often get! This lamp is called the Brighttech Circle LED Table and Desk Lamp – from Amazon. It is soft touch activated (no button to push, just a little tap) and has three light intensity options. It’s really cool!


On to shelving. This shelf is from the Ikea Vittsjo line. It’s very sleek and modern, and I like the look of the glass. I specifically wanted this shelf because while my room is larger than the closets I’ve seen in NYC, I still want to maximize the feeling of spaciousness. The thin, clean lines and the transparency help with that.

I also like it because it is meant to display your items. Things have to look neat, organized and intentional on a shelf like this, and now I can finally feel good about how I’m using it!


Here’s a close up of the top shelf. I absolutely adore the smell of my candle by Le Labo, Santal 26. This was a very luxe gift I received for my 25th birthday, and I burned through the whole thing when I was in Brooklyn. When I moved to Manhattan, I received this again as a gift, and I’m getting close to the end! To me, Santal 26 is the smell of New York.


I just had to share this plate. First of all, as much as I try not to eat animals, raw oysters are one of my favorite foods. I don’t even think Marjorie knew that when she bought it for me, but this is truly so fitting.

I placed my skincare on this tray.



Smaller items placed into this very chic box.


On the second level, I have lots of jewelry from Stella and Dot. I used to work there so I accumulated a lot of cute pieces during my time. For the display, I’m showing gold jewelry and pieces I wear regularly. I learned that even though this jewelry organizer is meant to be both stylish and functional, placing all the mismatched jewelry I own on it makes it look messy.

Adjacent to my jewelry are these cute thank you cards and a framed a picture of me and my best friends. Finally, a whole eye palette that I have yet to use.


AND NOW LET ME SHOW YOU MY COLOR COORDINATED BOOK COLLECTION. Pro tip – color coordination makes things look so much more organized. I pulled all of my books with white exteriors into my living room, and here are most of the remainders. As you may tell from my titles, I have varying interests!


Here is my bed nook, where try desperately to catch zzz’s. I have a lot of white space and have tried to fill it with this beach image and lights to border it. I still think it needs more around it, but I find my bed comfy and cosy, which is most important!

Just one call out – I think it’s worth it to invest in sheets that are higher quality than your standard Ikea sandpaper. Not to say mine are the finest of Egyptian cotton, but they are from West Elm and I paid attention to the thread count before purchase.

My general take on spending money is to be careful and thrifty (I’m still Chinese lol) but if you’re going to splurge, do it on what you use on a daily basis. I couldn’t give less shits about having designer handbags or shoes, but my sheets, pillow cases, towels, bathrobe and even toilet paper are A1. I always find the best deal though, duh. #neverpayfullprice


Finally hello it me.

Hope you enjoyed the room tour! Where do you want to tour next? How about the neighborhood?



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