Stuntin’ in Saint Tropez – Part 2


As promised, some moments from the last leg of my short trip, which was a getaway in Saint Tropez in the south of France. I had never been, and it was a BEAUTIFUL experience, from the landscape, water, weather, food, hotel and company.


Honestly, I didn’t know much about Saint Tropez before coming here, besides that it has a bougie reputation and people are probably very tan since there’s a bronzing bodycare line with the same name. I quickly learned that both are true! It’s a beach port town where the ultra rich dock their yachts and show off, and there is plenty of sunshine and ritzy beaches to get your bronze on. In general, french people are tan and rich in Saint Tropez.



And, lol, the big yachts light up real shiny at night so you can watch all the people party on them. I just keep walking.


I much prefer the beach during the day.

As glam as it looks, I was actually down with a bug and was on these antibiotics that made me sensitive to the sun WHICH IS ACTUALLY THE WORST BECAUSE ONE OF MY GREAT TALENTS IS THAT I TAN QUITE WELL AND BURN VERY RARELY DESPITE BEING SO NATURALLY FAIR SKINNED.

So, I had to stay out of the sun as much as possible, and was bickering with myself and my companion constantly because I was stubborn about wearing sunscreen but was also quickly turning into an overripe cherry tomato.



Had to stay under that damn umbrella the whole time but WHO CARES WHEN YOU HAVE A VIEW LIKE THAT MEDITERRANEAN BLUE.


When you walk a little bit away from the tacky old dudes and all the thirst traps near the yachts, there are really charming, well-preserved houses right around the corner.


Absolutely love this yellow, especially against the blue sky and the darker blue water.



One of my favorite moments that I hope to keep in my heart. I love to be surrounded by sun, water, and silence. It makes me feel very grounded and relaxed. I will always appreciate this peaceful moment.


As if those #views were not enough, we went to a gorgeous restaurant on the top of a hill in a hotel called the Hotel Ermitage (I do not know why but I like this word a lot). We sat outdoors, and watched the most beautiful sunset I have seen since leaving San Francisco. With trees, water, boats and mountains around us, it reminded me a lot of Sausalito, a boat town right across the Golden Gate Bridge, where I was blessed to spend a lot of my time when I was working at EVER Skincare. As foreign as it felt to be in France, this moment gave me a piece of home that I don’t even feel in New York.


Finally, the hotel that we stayed at was everything. It was sort of buried in the hills along a windy road, surrounded by trees. It didn’t really feel like a hotel as the buildings were really rustic and home-y. There was a pool right outside our suite and the beach was a 5 minute walk away. In the morning, we had a delicious petit dejeuner, which was really not petit at all, and we ate it outside on their patio, seen above. Absolutely amazing.


And, finally, my best friend that I got to share it with. Thank you V for your planning and execution on this trip, and for all the memories we get to keep, although you’ll remember me as a sunburnt, queasy and grumpy cherry tomato. 🙂


I’ll think of you every time I see this shade of blue.



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