“Paris Is Always a Good Idea” – France, Part 1

I recently visited the land of glorious croissants for a short vacation, with lots of photos to show for it and a more nuanced appreciation for this place. 

And in typical over the top fashion, we did a shoot so I could serve it french style to my friends. VOILA!







I am wearing a dress by Johnny Was, and sporting a lip by bareMinerals, their newly launched Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Fire. Isn’t there something classic about a punchy red lip? I like this one for being yellow-toned.

Besides taking pictures in a pretty dress in a pretty city, my other favorite moments included just walking with my best friends along the Seine river, seeing all the charming balconies with all of the french doors/ windows wide open, delighting in how long the sun stays out in the summer (til 10:30 pm!), visiting the gardens, which always seem to have trees purposefully rectangular shaped, and eating very indulgently.

Some of my photos from Paris.


Vines that grow along building exteriors are my favorite thing. The buildings are so old here, beautiful and majestic. This neighborhood is called Le Marais and it’s so trendy and young. Just down the street there are tons of shops and restaurants everywhere.


You can’t really go to Paris if you don’t come to the Lourve right? Lol I didn’t go inside. But if it’s your first time, you should definitely go in.


The loft we stayed in is EVERYTHING. Look at these super high windows and the balcony overlooking a gorgeous garden. IT. WAS. EVERYTHING.


Forget about me blocking the view – can you imagine waking up to that every day?! And I just learned that my rent in NYC is more expensive than here. Do you know what my 20 inch window looks out to? A brick wall. -_____- Let’s switch.



Petit dejeuner means little breakfast but I never found it to be so little. It usually includes coffee, a croissant or brioche, a juice, some toast and eggs. This one was particularly yummy 🙂


Insert lyric referencing the Eiffel Tower here. The only one I can think of is too vulgar for this blog 😉 #kendrickhaveadream


The Seine!


Not sure if I was able to capture the magic, but we were taking a beautiful and romantic walk home and there was a blood moon that night, huge and red. Right up ahead, next to the Notre Dame. See it?


It was a bucket list moment to go to the opera here. This is Palais Garnier, and it really is breathtaking. Very grand, very intricate, and very GILDED. We saw the opera version of Cinderella. While I was sitting in the red seats, I tried to imagine the many bougie french old men who sat there hundreds of years before me, and giggled a little.



Hello it me. This is at the Luxombourg Gardens.

The last leg of the trip was a very quick few days in the south of France, in Saint Tropez. That was GORGEOUS and I’m so lucky. It was my first time seeing the Mediterranean Sea, which has a really distinctive blue color. Can’t wait to share those pics with you next time.




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