Slowly Emerges from Hibernation – Happy Spring Almost Summer!


Welcome back to the Place! Almost a parallel to my own life, all the important pieces of my blog are still in tact, but the look and feel has changed. I’m excited to share and get back to you 🙂

It’s been 6+ months (WOW) since I landed in New York and I’m still breathing! It’s been full of transitions and first time experiences. Despite having had difficult and frustrating moments, I’m still happy with the decision to move here. In Feb, I relocated again out of my tiny sublet room in Bed Stuy / Brooklyn to an apartment in the Upper East Side / Manhattan that I share with a lovely roommate.

I’m happy with this space that I get to call home now, and I’ve been obsessed with furnishing and decorating into a peaceful haven. I was really inspired by the appreciation and application of interior design at the Stella and Dot / EVER corporate office that I used to work from. I realized that a beautiful, inspiring space can really uplift your mood and make you feel more at ease. So, it has been at the top of my list of projects. Good news is that I’ll be able to share the fruits of my labor with you in photos! Here’s a little teaser of my bedroom /  bed nook. 


On a personal note, winter was rough AF for me. Honestly, I’ve had more than a few internal crises since arriving here and I can reflect on this past season being super hard to get through, when the days were cold, long and dark. Commuting to and from Brooklyn was soul-draining, and I was also getting really frustrated at myself at work, having trouble balancing my projects. Finding an apartment to live anywhere is a stressful experience anywhere but New York takes the cake; it is truly shocking how little you get for your $.

But a bitter winter makes for a sweet spring and an even sweeter summer, especially now that we lucked out on the apartment and I’ve had a little more time to get used to my surroundings, at home and at work. The combination of proximity to Central Park and the temperature increase is giving me life. And the Upper East Side has old money magic!

Here are a few moments I wanted to share – no theme, just my faves.

In my room, and my Acne Studios jeans I thrifted and shoes I got from a United Nude sample sale on the lower east side. SCORE!


Walking the streets of Chinatown right before Joe’s Shanghai for the best XLB in NYC.


The most romantic cherry blossom blooming at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.


Walked along a different path in Central Park and found this very green and serene creek. The trees are high and dense enough that you don’t see any buildings around you. It is PERFECT!

Finally, another shot at DUMBO in Brooklyn. The best views of Manhattan are never in Manhattan.


See you soon for more NY adventures… and beyond 😉



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