Happy Holidays from Trace in the Place


With a few free hours, I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I never celebrated it much growing up, but I really appreciate the feeling of warmth, family, generosity and childlike excitement generated by this holiday. Going forward in my adult years, I hope to make all the Christmas’s a *thing*. This year, I decided to stay in New York – I haven’t been here long enough to warrant a homecoming trip back and I wanted to be here to experience a snowy NY xmas. Brooklyn has other plans, though- it’s sunny and in the 50’s today. I’m happy either way, as long as I get to see a few of my new friends today.

Some pictures to share with you.

Here’s the big tree they put up at Columbus Circle.


My obligatory trip to the Rockefeller Center to see this big ass Christmas Tree. I almost got swallowed up by the tourists!


Here is a fun picture my colleagues and I took at our holiday party. It was hosted by Shiseido at Tao nightclub (Do you remember how all the celebrities would hang out at Tao in, like, 2002? lol). I’m glad to have met these sweet girls and am excited to work with them at bareMinerals.


And, finally…



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