Puerto Rico Suavecito


Hello! It’s been an eventful past few weeks for me. So I moved to New York in the end of September and was working as a writer for EVER Skincare’s blog, which was really fun and a great temporary gig. I had been looking for more permanent work, doing product development, and in mid-October, was very fortunate to receive an offer from BareMinerals / Bare Escentuals under the Shiseido family. While I am still adjusting to a new job, new commute and new people, I am very grateful for the opportunity and look forward to the projects I’ll get to be part of.

Before I started my new job, I took a week long vacation in Puerto Rico by myself, and here are some of the pictures I wanted to share! PR is a beautiful place, and I met many gracious, friendly people there. I randomly met a very nice couple visiting from the Bay Area, one of them visiting home, and they were kind enough to adopt me into their friend group for the time they were there. It was a blast, and reminded me of the goodness in people. We went out eating, dancing and laughing.

Some other activities:


I went to Flamenco beach, on an island called Culebra. Supposedly, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are few things I like more than a beautiful beach, and it really does live up to its reputation. But, girl, the journey there was RUFF. It takes an hour to get here by boat from the main island, and for some reason, I was extremely seasick getting there and coming back. Pictures can be misleading sometimes and I feel like I have to keep it real.


It looks darker on the right because the storm was about to roll in. That’s the thing about PR – no one ever knows what the weather is going to be. It could rain hard or be sunny or do both. Just have to take it as it comes!


This is El Yunque rainforest. Super lush, and it POURED when I was there. There was an easy hike that leads down into the waterfall, where people go swimming.



It was a little chilly, and I am a terrible swimmer. This is me trying my best.




This is Old San Juan, or Viejo San Juan. Looks totally different when it’s rainy versus sunny. I prefer sunny – the colors just pop. It’s right along the water.



There are TONS of cats everywhere. Delighted my heart. My cat radar was going crazy here.


Probably the best part of my trip was my cat friend, Chloe, that lived at the Air Bnb I stayed at. She was so friendly, and consoled me when I found out who would lead our country next. Such an affectionate little thing 🙂

Be back soon and I’ll tell you how winter is going out in NY. I finally got my winter coat and boots!



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