From the Bae to Brooklyn Babe

Hi Friends!

Happy to get back to you after so much time away! I’ve out here trying to get my life and I’ve been super focused on moving my ass out to New York. I had to fit everything into these suitcases 🙂


It’s been my dream since I was a teenager and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because I watched so much Glee… my first dream was to join an a cappella group in college (check, best life decision I’ve made til now), and my second was New York. After visiting 3 times, just to be EXTRA sure, I decided to pull the trigger.

Mentally and emotionally, I have been preparing for the move since the beginning of this year. Logistically, it has taken more like 4 months. I think I got pretty lucky – I found a sublet through a family friend, and the company I now work for is putting me in charge of writing for their blog, which I do remotely. Can I just quickly say I’m SO grateful and feel so blessed that I even get to get paid to write?! I never considered this as a possibility, which proves to me that if you like something, anything, you should DO IT and advocate for yourself… you never know what it could become! Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 8.32.13 PM.png

Anyway, fast forward. I was hella culture shocked when I first arrived to my new neighborhood, Bed-Stuy, in Brooklyn. It’s worlds different from what I’ve been used to. I’d been coddled in my last place – I had a huge room in a beautiful apartment, in a quiet, bougie and residential neighborhood. I now live in a teeny room that barely fits my bed, and I always hear thumping speaker systems in cars that drive by. To my surprise, I am adjusting pretty well thanks to the people being so friendly and down to earth here.

So, friends, I’m still alive and kickin’, and wanted to check in because I miss writing for me (and you). Also wanted to express my gratitude to all of my family, friends and colleagues who have supported me. It was so hard to say my goodbyes but my heart is full in knowing how you believe in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Here are a few moments I want to share.


Some street art in Williamsburg!


Hanging out on a roof in Bushwick. People here are so hipster. I tried to fit in by wearing this ‘vintage’ Old Navy sweater… They don’t know that I’m not wearing this un-ironically.


A popular cafe in Bushwick.


I’m trying so hard right now! See you back at the nu PLACE soon.



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