Botanical Garden Shoot | Thrift Magic


Hi Friends! Here is a selection from a shoot I did with Shaun Luc, a budding San Diego-based photographer. Peep his ‘gram and show some love! We shot in the San Francisco Botanical Garden / Arboretum, which is one of my favorite places in the world and my personal sanctuary.

For this shoot, I wanted to wear items that I thrifted. As of several months ago, I started shopping almost exclusively out of thrift stores or sustainable / transparent brands, like Everlane (except for shoes). I was really inspired by a documentary about the fashion industry called The True Cost – find it on Netflix. In a nutshell, the industry is problematic on hella different levels, from human rights and labor violations to environmental / water pollution, to the common consumer practice of buying cheap trendy shit that gets thrown away, just to be replaced by more cheap trendy shit… and so forth.


You can check out the documentary for yourself, but I just want to show you it’s possible to have a bangin’ outfit / wardrobe without supporting these giant, fast-fashion retailers. See?

Thrift store, second-hand, sustainable… it sounds so granola but I’m not crunchy like that. I only started coming around to the idea of thrifting when I realized thrift stores vary in their selection criteria – some stores take everything donated, but some (like Crossroads, Wasteland) only accept / buy certain items, depending on the trend/season/quality. Macklemore can keep his dirty fur coat.

The other reason I now love thrifting is because, not only is it fun and rewarding to find something (you never know what you’ll find), your wallet will thank you. Such sweet deals for such cute clothes – it almost doesn’t seem fair. I’m not complaining.

Of course, there are also options if you don’t want to thrift, but you gotta understand that it costs more to produce fashion sustainably, which means the clothes end up retailing for more money. Some brands that come to mind are Patagonia, Amour Vert, Eileen Fisher, Everlane. If you have the $$$, these are great options.

My point is that you can still look bangin’, wear your bangin’ outfits many times and in different ways, and save a few dollars, all while being a responsible shopper. It doesn’t have to be crunchy or expensive or difficult. Now, who wants to hit up Crossroads with me?



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