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I hope you had a nice 4th of July weekend. I didn’t leave town to go to a lake house or a cabin; instead, I took an ‘electronic staycation’. So for the entire 3 day weekend, I refrained from social media as a way to check myself. I find that when I’m too active on my phone, the more important things in life start to take a backseat. As a result of this experiment, I truly enjoyed the shit out of this weekend without any FOMO whatsoever. Here’s the blog post I worked on!

Today I wanted to share two things. The first is this face that I put together using the Sephora reward points gift set by Tarte. The second is this dress that I bought from the thrift store that has me feeling like the girl in the red dress emoji. You know what I’m talking about.


So, as this is primarily a beauty blog, let’s get nerdy. I used 500 of my points to pick up this set by Tarte, which includes 4 mini sized best selling products and a slanted eyeliner brush: Bronze Tartetist Clay Paint Liner for eye, Tarteist Lash Paint, Tartetist Lip Crayon in Mood Ring and Tarteist Lip Paint in Hangry.


Overall impression: In love with the liner and the brush, neutral about the mascara and lip liner, and super unimpressed with the lip paint.

Would I recommend using 500 points for this basket? No. That lip paint set into my lip lines and looked uneven, and this is after I had exfoliated and lip balm-ed. The liner is fine and I’ll likely use for another product, and the mascara didn’t feel special to me.

Do I regret using my 500? Not really, because this slanted tip brush may have changed the game for me in achieving that damn cat eye flick en flique, AND I also realized bronze eyeliner is much more forgiving than black. I like how it looks.


I’ll let you decide if it was worth it based on the photos.

Now, on to the dress that has me feelin’ myself. I found this a few months ago when I was thrift shopping (more on that soon) and really liked the movement of this dress. The sleeves remind me of a kimono, and I love the teardrop shaped cut out in the back, to add a little sauce. It’s very flow-y and moves while I move. I wore this to work with a pair of pants the other day too because I get cold, and while I’m not sure where I got the idea to wear pants with a dress, it worked well with my platform wedges.


Finally, I gotta give my hair a shoutout. Started from the bottom now we here! I think I’m officially out of the pixie zone – it’s long enough in the back to pin into an updo! The front needs a little extra time, so I’ve parted it down the center. We’re getting there!

Hope you had an awesome weekend during which you did or wore something that inspired you to be feelin’ yoself.


Shoot song: Shalomar – A Night To Remember

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