Rosendale and I did made another video – this time it’s a MUSIC VIDEO! First of all, I just have to say that he is an adorable human, so talented, humble and funny. I felt so lucky that he wanted to do a project with me, and so happy for the experience. We worked together in 2014 on a video blog about skin care which was a blast, but this time we decided to do a music video,  since that’s his full time job and my full time hobby. 😉

This project was surprisingly quick! One day, he brought his keyboard to my apartment and we started jamming, and 2 hours later we had finished writing the medley. A few days later, we recorded the vocals, and a few days after that, we filmed the footage. Filming was hilarious because we were in a random alleyway downtown that smelled like pee, with tons of cars driving through, homeless people sitting in the back, and random tourists walking by taking pics on their cellphones. But it ended up looking amazing, so as I always say, anything for the shot.

Enjoy and go check out Rosendale’s music!


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