Dinner Party at My House!

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There are so many reasons to love San Francisco, but my favorite reason is that my roots are here. Most of my family lives across the park from me, and a lot of the friends I grew up with stayed local or returned to SF like me. Despite the proximity, it’s sometimes still hard to gather people together because of scheduling and life. Somehow, I was able to gather some of our old school friends (former class clowns) last minute for a dinner party at our apartment.

One of our friends, Ryan, is an amazing chef, and made us the most delicious homemade pizzas. For dramatic effect, we also almost started a fire with the oil that dripped into the grates of the oven, and then I realized our building is not up to code because I could find not ONE fire extinguisher. At this point we had 2 partially baked pizzas and one totally uncooked pizza. The champ chef was able to cook our pizzas on a stove pan with some foil on top. Bravo and thank you, Ryan!

It was so much fun and so cute to see some of the family (we were also missing some very important members but there will be a next time!). I went to a very tiny and unique high school, and have kept in close touch with many of the same friends I had then. It’s amazing to not miss a beat 8 years later and I’m so grateful to have grown up with such smart, kind and HILARIOUS goof balls. Here are some highlights from our little dinner party.


These beautiful flowers!

IMG_2603 1edit

Ryan, the dream boat and master chef, in our kitchen. Ladies, he is indeed single.

IMG_2631 1edit

I’m not a big alcohol drinker but I could not stay away from this sangria… it was SO good! We put apples and honey dew in, two sticks of cinnamon, two bottles of red wine, sugar and some rum.

IMG_2613 1editIMG_2624 1editIMG_2625 1edit

IMG_2641 1edit

It was so real.

FullSizeRender (2)

My babies! From the left, we have Dyl, Lena, Ry, Trace, Dyl.

Have a great week!



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