You Are Creative. Yes, You!

My newest paintings!

Until fairly recently, I didn’t ever consider that I might be creative. That word seems serious, like you have to be in art school or work in design to use it. I’ve often felt like there is a category for creatives, and an opposite bucket for non-creatives (like me). By thinking I was not creative, I assumed I did not have it in me to make art, like I didn’t have the right.

What a limiting way to think! And, how rude.

The difference between creativity and non-creativity is action. Of course, you will never be creative if you never create. And, for me, the biggest hurdle between doing and not doing was this constant judgment that my work would suck, so why try?

The first time I ever painted by choice was a result of my unwillingness to buy art for my apartment. I thought it was too expensive and I was frustrated with my bare walls, so one day, I decided to buy paint and a big canvas to do the art myself. I had no idea how or what I was doing, so I had my computer open with tabs on youtube and pinterest. A few hours later, I had created my first painting and it looked legit. See?


Art doesn’t have to be complicated, good, pretty or perfect – it doesn’t have to be anyTHING and you don’t have to explain it. If you don’t like it, you can try again. If you’re shy, you can make art just for you. If you’re not trained, there are so many tutorials and resources online to learn from, or ignore it all and do what you want.

If you’re not ‘creative’, perhaps you haven’t given yourself the freedom and permission to be.



IMG_2587 1

So this week, my friends, I want to encourage you to explore your own creativity without any judgment or expectation. It doesn’t have to be grand and you don’t have to share it, but it should be intentional! If you’ve been thinking about trying something new, like learning a new craft or starting a project, go for it! We were all born with creativity, and I think we are happier when we nurture and tend to this part of ourselves.



P.S. – I recommend the books Creativity, Inc by Ed Catmull (Pixar) and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

P.P.S. – It feels good to mount your own art!

IMG_2595 1


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  1. “The difference between creativity and non-creativity is action.” So true, great blog and nice pieces.

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