My Job, New Products, #treatyoself

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Don’t I look like a Halle Berry poster?

Lol let’s start that one over. If you’re wondering why I look so sexy, today I wanted to share some highlights from work that translate over to my blog very well. I’m not sure if I ever did explain what I do but it’s cool so I’ll tell ya.

I work at a brand called EVER Skincare, an anti-aging skin care line that delivers remarkable results using good-for-you ingredients. EVER is really special because we strike this balance very well, which is not the norm in the skincare marketplace currently. Many products that deliver dramatic results use questionable ingredients, while many products with a ‘natural’ ingredient profile don’t deliver results.

At EVER, I am a little elf working on new product development, and part of my job involves working with my team and the chemists to whip up the biggest, baddest, most transformative products, and testing these products to make sure they’re the best-in-class. As a product-obsessed person, this is probably my favorite part of the job. But there is a big gap of time between the development stage and launch, and I have to keep my lips sealed until it’s ready.

But this brings me to today, this week and this blog post. I am really excited to finally share that we’re launching some new products, one of them being my new skincare staple: PURIFY Deep Clean Detox Mask.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 7.48.21 PM

PURIFY is a Mediterranean clay mask with white peony stem cells and jojoba beads. It feels amazing, like a pore-clearing cleanse for the face. Like if your skin has been dull and clogged and breakout-prone and misbehaving through the winter, it’s time to put this on and do some spring cleaning.

It has a whipped, creamy texture and applies like a dream, but as you massage it in, you move the jojoba beads around to exfoliate the dead skin. Then, you leave it on for 10 minutes as it tingles and dries.  Once it’s rinsed off, your skin feels smoother and brighter, and satisfyingly toned.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 7.48.41 PM

I’m also really excited about this product because when you make time for a mask, you make time for yourself. And you should always make time for yourself, my friends!  The past week has been sort of shitty for me – I’ve had a few existential crises, the gloomy rain has made me a recluse and I’ve spent too much time on social media feeling like I am losing at life. The simple act of slowly applying a mask on my face and letting it dry while enjoying a nice cup of tea was a great moment to pause, and a reminder for me calm down and realize that I was putting on a mask that I literally helped make, and that’s something to be proud of. I’m not losing! 😉

This mask along with two other amazing products are now available, so if you needed an excuse to #treatyoself and your skin, look no further! It’s your time.



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