Happy Lunar New Year + Happy SB50 + Beyonce


I admit that I did not have Lunar New Year in mind for this particular shoot but I am nonetheless excited to wish all of my family, friends and fellow Asian folks a very happy new year celebration, and a healthy and prosperous Year of the Monkey. GUNG HAY FAT CHOY! Growing up, this was the biggest celebration for my family, and I have fond childhood memories of greeting each member of my enormous Chinese family and collecting my red envelopes of ‘lucky money’. Not to mention, an always full and happy tummy, stuffed with Chinese food and lots of Asian candy.

Now that I am ‘adulting’, I haven’t spent as much time at home with my family, but CNY is a great time to feel like a kid again. Today, while most of my friends are tuned into the Super Bowl 50 (which happens to be in San Francisco!), I will be eating and talking very loudly with my family, and probably will be at the kids table.

After dinner, I am really excited to partake in ONE Super Bowl activity, which is attending a T.I. concert at this club 1015 Folsom. There were an insane number of rappers in town making club appearances this week because of #SB50 – lucky T.I. was my pick, but on a Sunday night, so I guess I’m the unlucky one. Still excited though!


I know this is still a beauty blog, so for those of you interested in what I’m using, I am actually wearing some new product that I haven’t shown y’all yet! I will explain next time, but my cheekbones are made possible by a NARS x Steven Klein collaboration palette, and lips are done by the wildly successful Colour Pop liquid lipstick line, in the shade Bumble, which is a sort of rose+fuschia hue. I will review both in the coming weeks.


Finally, shoot song of the day was Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce, WHO, BY THE WAY, JUST PULLED UP ON US WITH A NEW SONG! Formation is catchy, she’s slaying all the way, and she’s making important social commentary on race and the treatment of black people in the US. Thank you Beyonce!

xo Trace

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