I Don’t Pop Molly; I Rock Tom Ford


Hello! Back like I promised to talk about my recent Tom Ford lipstick purchase that I picked up when I was in LA, walking around Rodeo Drive. I spent a week on a road trip and since I’d spent so much time sitting in a car, it was nice to walk around a polished, upscale area where everything is shiny.


Anyway, I found myself in Tom Ford looking at their make up counter, and I decided to pick up one of their lipsticks, in Negligee. It’s a really pretty warm rose color that’s great for daytime and night time. It also delivers a surprising amount of color for being such a muted color, and feels oh so buttery on the lips.

I’m also really excited about this lil thing because, look at it. It’s meant to be photographed. So many details that make this lipstick delightful, from it’s packaging (weighty, golden, sharp edges and luxury-feeling) to the TF embossing on the bullet, to the actual-custom shaped bullet. It’s the lipstick of lipsticks!

With the purchase, they include a cute little look book of the fashion coming up in the next season, which is that gray thing.


See ya next time, and smile. 🙂

xo Trace

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