The Beauty Shortcut – My Pixie


The cat is pretty much out of the bag – I have cut off most of my hair! I did this shortly after I returned from my Brazil trip, and for the last month and a half, have received lots of shocked expressions and questions about it. Cutting my hair so short was very meaningful to me so I thought I’d share why I did it, and some of my new experiences with it for those who are curious.


One of the biggest motivators to go pixie was to symbolize inner strength. I’ve said this year has been difficult at times, and I had my first experiences with anxiety and depression, which made me feel very weak. Throughout this year, I’ve worked harder to be kinder and more compassionate to me, and do things to keep myself healthy, happy and strong. Despite feeling resistant and frustrated often (like, why me?!), I’m learning to accept that every obstacle faced can be turned into an opportunity to grow (cliche but real). The more I use this as a framework to view my life, the stronger and more capable I feel in handling my shit.

Cutting my hair was a way for me to remind myself of this important lesson, and to acknowledge / embrace having been changed in a big way, through struggle. Some people get tattoos and piercings; I don’t like blood so this worked very well for me!



Some of you know this started as a beauty blog, that I do beauty related stuff for work and I really like make up. I enjoy being a girl in this way – having the opportunity to look and feel pretty, helping other people feel good about how they look. I’ve seen how someone can totally transform and be empowered by changing the way they look, and that’s amazing.

At the same time, I struggle sometimes with the superficial nature of beauty. We all know there’s more to a person than what they look like. We all offer so much more than ‘pretty’ to this world – so many of us are smart, kind, creative, talented, unique, etc. But I think we put too much value on appearances sometimes, and this can put a tremendous amount of pressure on us to look a certain way, especially for us girls.

I cut my hair because I needed to check myself. I was starting to realize much of my self-worth was based on how I think I look, or how I think others think I look. I was starting to overvalue my appearance, so I decided to just cut all my hair off, with the expectation of looking and feeling like a prepubescent boy, and assuming no one would get it or like it much. Here’s the kicker though – in caring less about looking pretty, I actually feel more beautiful, feminine and confident, and it’s been surprisingly well-received by my peeps! I feel more like myself.


It’s hard for someone who doesn’t have long hair to understand how annoying long hair can be. At a certain point, you stop wearing your hair, and your hair starts wearing you. It’s heavy, inconvenient and gets tangled and messy. It takes a lot of daily effort to get it to cooperate.

Basically, I wanted more ease in my routine, and LORDT has that been granted with this new cut. It’s amazing – wash and dry time has cut to a quarter, I don’t shed an animal every day, I haven’t used a brush in 2 months, no more neck or scalp pain. Oh my god -it’s like liberating a pet you’ve been wearing on your head for years.

Check out the photos below for my before and after :). It took over two hours for her to cut all of it off!


This post was more about the WHY behind the cut. I’ll cook up another post on what it’s like to rock a very short cut, the products I use (yes, pixies need product), maintenance (yes, they still require some maintenance), and all the little perks I’m picking up on (ASK ME ABOUT LIP GLOSS). #teampixie let’s go!

Much love and MUCH GRATITUDE! I hope you are all well and showing yourselves and each other love and kindness.



2 thoughts

  1. Had to come check this post after seeing your instagram! As you know i have been there and done that and i have to say i couldnt agree more. Cutting my hair was about proving my strenght and my ability to cope with change, but more than that it made me feel freedom and lightness! It made me feel prettier which was weird in many ways! #teampixie

    1. Thanks girl!!! It’s amazing how much meaning you can get out of changing your appearance, and it’s beyond surface level. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for reading! And yes #teampixie !!

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