Five Summer Essentials


It KIND OF feels summery again out here in San Francisco and I have a whole summer aesthetic in my head. I love sun-kissed and glowing skin, beachy and messy hair, warmer colors. I’ve put together some of my favorite items that I think of specifically for this season.

1. Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol – Oh, my goodness… this stuff is so good. Nothing feels better than a quick spritz of cool moisture when you’re sweaty and gross, but this product is next level. It has an amazing blend of chamomile, bergamot and rose for fragrance. Uplifting, subtle and luxurious. This hydrosol leaves you feeling cool, refreshed and even a little fancy!

2. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray – I love me some complicated braid game but these days I am just lazy as hell with my hair. I want to be able to roll out of bed, pull my hair up into a top knot, and leave. The nice thing about this product is that if you apply it to damp hair, then pull it into a bun, a few hours later you can undo the bun and be left with wavy, textured and voluminous hair. The salt in the spray leaves hair feeling.. not silky smooth but a little rough, but this is what helps the texture build and stay. I love a beachy wave for the summer! Effortless.

3. EVER Skincare Light Beam Hand Repair Cream – I gotta represent a little here because I helped develop this product, but it is truly amazing for several reasons. Many of us know by default to wear sunscreen on our faces, and this is awesome! Keep it up! But, we don’t take the same precaution to protect our hands, which are just as exposed as our faces every day. This hand cream contains a mineral SPF 18, and contains brightening oyster mushroom to help even out the appearance of hyperpigmentation and help brighten the skin. So, in addition to protecting your face this summer, don’t forget those hands!

4. Lancome Lip Lover in 334 (coral) – As much as I LOVE high impact, matte finish lips, something about summer calls for a sheer wash of color with a glossy finish. I’ve been over lip glosses for years now because I’ve found them so sticky and annoying. With the wind and then hair getting caught in it, and then the lip glossed hair flying into my glasses, and then my glasses get glossed… and it just ends up everywhere it doesn’t need to be. I recently tried this Lancome Lip Lover and found that it’s much less sticky than most everything I’ve tried. I still don’t recommend wearing hair down and glasses with this, but I love the sheer coral and gloss finish. It’s really fitting for the summer look.

5. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze – Someone really ought to smack me at this point because I have talked about this product so many times… I am a broken record. My top 5 summer list would not be complete without it, though, because it just screams summer! When blended together and applied to the face, it gives this gorgeous glow-y and bronze finish. I tend to also wear the darker colors on my eyelids as a shadow, and the lightest color along my brow bone and cupids bow for a highlight. When worn all together like this, the result is this radiant, healthy face.

So there we have it, some of my recommendations for beautification this summer! I am wearing some of these products below, along with my summer coral dress. 🙂


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  1. Do you know of any light moisturising creams that you could use on your face in summer? I use Astral and it is way too thick for hot weather! It melts my entire face haha. Also, really like your dress 🙂

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