Asian Doll Face


Bright skin, round eyes, straight brows and orange lips. Today’s look is inspired by some of the Asian fashion bloggers that I’ve seen on Instagram. It’s really interesting to see the cultural differences in make up trends, and especially interesting as an Asian American woman. Being mostly surrounded by western pop culture means that I adopt Western-style make up without even thinking about it, and only when I browse Eastern pop culture images do I see the stark differences! At the same time, those J and K popstars and I have so much more in common as far as our facial features go.

Of course, being Asian means I lend myself pretty well to this experiment that I have tested out here! I have applied foundation to create a very even complexion that actually might be lighter than my own skin tone, which is common in Asian beauty culture (I actually don’t like this trend of favoring skin-lightness but that is another story). Usually, I would contour my face, but this tends to make me look more mature, whereas the typical Eastern approach would be to make oneself look younger. So, no cheekbones for me. Instead, I have used a lot of blush right at the apples of the cheek, which reminds me of a doll’s face.

Next for eyes, I have applied a light wash over the lids, and applied eyeliner. Instead of flicking upward to create a winged cat eye, I have actually drawn the line along the lashline and in a downward direction, to create a ‘puppy eye’, which is a rounder eye shape. And for brow, instead of accentuating the arch (as we would for #eyebrowsonfleek), I have drawn my brows on straight, which is another practice I’ve never done.

Finally, I am wearing a bright orange lip color here. I like a bright lip every once in a while, and I’d say this is the only part of the routine that I would wear on a semi-regular basis. What do you think of Asian beauty trends and culture?


See you soon!


Products used: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Fiji, SEPHORA x PANTONE Shimering Cheek Trio Blush in Coral Pink, MAC Fluid Line in Black, Lab Sample Brow Pencil, Smashbox PhotoOp Trioshot in Nectar, Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in Orange Too.

Today’s Shoot Song: Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls

3 thoughts

  1. Cute post! I’ve been working on that straight brow for a while.. kinda annoyed by my arched brows.
    As a mixed-blood (Korean/German) I’m quite interested in such trends and habits, but I only adapt what actually fits my features and needs 😀
    I like how contouring is not being done excessively over there. Tbh, I think it takes up too much time anyway and only looks nice when it’s done REALLY well.
    Jung Saem Mool’s YT channel features quite a few pretty looks (check it out if you don’t know it yet!). I love watching her & her team apply makeup 😀 It looks soo soft and delicate, the complete opposite of (harshly) buffing products into your skin!

  2. OMG you brows are amazing I love their arch! As for contour I am really simple about it, just a bronze under cheek bones. Can’t lie I do love it 🙂

    I’ll check out this lady’s YT page.


    1. Haha, thank you! I still want to try those straight brows, though 😀
      At least you don’t overdo it as a lot of self-proclaimed beauty gurus do.. It’s just that I’ve recently seen way too many videos (especially tutorials) of them contouring all the way and looking a lot like Indians with orange warpaint on.. but yeah, that’s a different story..

      AH YES, OITNB! I’ve also got to catch up with Hannibal..

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