Berry and Blue FOTD

Hello world! Hope you all had a nice week / weekend. I can’t say this week was my best… I’ve been so exhausted lately as I run on very little sleep (not by choice!). I think a great way to shake off the ‘BLAH’ is to look the opposite. When I feel gray and gloomy, it  helps to incorporate some color into life. So, boom, I’m back to share my colorful look of the day!

I keep my make up pretty casual and warm most of the time, but today I felt really drawn to bluer colors, like berry, purple and navy. I wanted to go a little more dramatic, so I have on a smokey eye with colored eyeliner AND a bold, punchy lip. I know there’s a rule about keeping choosing one or the other to avoid going overboard, but rules were meant to be broken sometimes!

To create the smokey eye, I used mauve tones as a neutral wash over the eyelid, and then brownish purples closer to my outer lashline and along the crease to create a nice contour. My favorite part of this look is the eyeliner. Instead of going for the traditional black, I opted for a bright navy blue eyeliner to add a pop of unexpected color and interest. I applied this to the upper and lower lashline.

For lip, I am wearing a dark berry colored lipstick that initially came out too goth-looking. I just blotted it away and was left with this color (a good trick for if your lipstick is just doin’ too much for you).

Aaand that’s the final look but closer up. Have you ever tried dressing up when you’re feeling low? Give it a try and see how it works next time encounter a case of the ‘BLAH’s. Thanks for checking out my post today and I will return next time with some exciting updates about my blog and its direction!



8 thoughts

  1. Um, gorgeous much? Love the lip colour paired with that necklace and top.
    Hope you’ll get some more sleep soon! Can’t wait to read what you mean by your “blog and its direction”… 😀

    1. hey girl! you’re so sweet, always so nice to hear from you. honestly, i think you inspired me to wear a bright lipstick with your last post so THANK YOU! 🙂 – T

      1. Ohh, you should wear bright colours more often / whenever you can or feel like it 🙂 Suits you super well and looks very sophisticated.

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