Contour Your Lips like a Pro

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Hi Friends,

Last week I told / demonstrated to y’all how much I love Kylie Jenner’s lips, and admitted that it’s not an easy feat to pull off. This week, I wanted to share with you a lip trick I picked up from Sephora’s Instagram. I wish I could tell you I came up with this one myself… unfortunately I did not, but I still want to share it, because I think it’s pretty fun, easy and flattering, no matter what lip shape you were born with.

I recently purchased two products which I used to recreate the Kylie and which I use for the lip contour here. They are Sephora’s Retractable Lipliner in ‘Natural’ and Bite Beauty’s Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glace. I am SO impressed with both of these products. I love the liner because 1. the color is perfect and makes my lips look bigger, 2. CONVENIENCE… this is a retractable (no sharpening necessary) and it’s got a little brush on the other side to blur any harsh lines. The Bite crayon is also amazing because it delivers this gorgeous matte finish, but my lips feel so hydrated, and the flavor is this almost fruity, fresh and subtle taste. Loving it. See below!


Now, to a little step-by-step which is pretty straightforward. I start out by smoothing on some lip balm to prep, and then outlining my lips with the liner. Then, the fun part is to contour an illusion of what shapes you’d find on fuller lips, which is kind of a bump in the center of the top lip, and what I call a ‘butt’ (my imagination only goes so far) on the bottom lip. This would be two diagonal lines + some shading on the outer quarters of the top lip, and three lines on the bottom lip. After I have done this, I simply apply a layer of the matte lipstick and voila! Depending on the light, you’ll see some subtle dimension of color which looks very much like a physical contour / shadow, meaning you look like you have fuller lips!

lip collage

So there it is. I hope you give this one a try… it is super quick and easy, pretty hard to mess up and is a fun way to contour if you’ve not done it before. And, obviously, it’s a subtle alternative to literally drawing extra lip on your face a la Kylie.
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What do you think? Give it a try and show me!



7 thoughts

  1. Aaah, I see reviews on BITE everywhere on youtube.. why isn’t this available here 😥
    This is actually the first time I read about this technique! Will definitely try it out as soon as I get some suiting lip liners (all I have is a fire red one 😀 ).
    Does this only work with such MLBB / Kylie Jenner shades? Or can it be done with e.g. red lip liner and red lipstick as well?

    And man, that hair cut / length suits you super well, you uber pretty princess.

    1. hi sweetie! i love the bite brand, it is really cool. out of the products i’ve tried though, this one is definitely my favorite. so lame it’s not available in germany (or europe?) yet. i’d love to send it to you so i’ll private message to figure out how it works.

      and i don’t typically use lip liners but i really do love this natural / brown-ish shade. i would probably stay away from using very vibrant colors to do that contour trick since they’re supposed to look like shadows, and i am not sure a red liner would work. if you experiment, let me know how it goes! maybe it works.

      and you’re so sweet. i am starting to come around to my hair these days. xox

      1. I don’t know about Europe, all I know is Bite’s not available in lame Germany.
        Awww no, it’s okay, really!! Maybe I’ll just wait a bit more and see if their products will be sold in certain online shops soon 🙂
        Yeah, I might try that with a different colour/liner even if it’s just for fun and looks weird on me 😀
        Yesterday I saw some pics of people doing the Kylie Jenner Lips challenge.. is this really a thing now?! Just looking at the results cracks me up..
        Short hair is so handy, isn’t it? Mine’s already grown longer.. I think I’ll go back to that long bob-ish length once it’s too long.

  2. You’re really really pretty😻 I’ll need to try this out! By the way I think we have the same bed cover lol😂 I can’t wait to see more posts from you💗💗

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