One Time, I did the Kylie


Hello my friends and welcome aboard the Kylie Jenner wagon! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might 1. live under a rock, 2. have no business reading a beauty blog or 3. live a fulfilling life that does not involve contact with reality TV or celebrity goings-on. Any of these three categories is A-okay.

BUT, if you know what I’m talking about here, read on! Hate it or love it, Kylie’s over-the-top lips are a pretty solid example a super dramatic transformation that make up can create. She literally does not even look like the same person when wearing make up (her lips) and it’s shocking. See?

Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s really cool and I respect her make up game a lot. I think she looks beautiful, and her lips, while toeing the line of caricature, look flawless to me. It’s so extreme, unnatural and atypical, but I am impressed with her choice to be so bold and own the shit out of it. I really believe that’s how you make waves and start trends, and girl, has she started a trend. See below for a good laugh.

Naturally, I was inspired (loose definition of the word here) to give this one a try and here’s what I came up with, pose + pout and all. My first impressions are that I felt totally ridiculous and even questioned whether I should post this at all, but it’s good not to take oneself too seriously here, despite the serious face! It feels so strange to paint lipstick on so far away from the natural lip line, and beyond looking/feeling a bit clownish, this look is practically limiting. Since I have essentially drawn on imaginary lips, any sort of smudge or catching light in the wrong way would totally give away the illusion. So in order to avoid this, it’s one of those ‘look but don’t touch’ situations… forget about eating, drinking, kissing, even smiling the wrong way in the wrong light. Definitely not my style, but then again, my name is not Kylie.

Any of you ladies (or gents) given this one a go?



2 thoughts

  1. It’s not my style, either, but it’s fun to read (and see) you gave the Kylie lips a try 😀
    Your lips are pretty, you don’t need that anyway! However, I think it’s okay if a woman wants to fake big lips and does it in a subtle way 🙂

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