Five Night Fix for Lips in Time for Valentine’s Day

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Hello my fabulous friends!

I don’t know about y’all, but this (very, very mild San Franciscan) winter season takes a toll on my skin. In general and like most people, my skin gets very dry and flaky, and in particular, my lips are so chapped and dehydrated. It’s like they are constantly scale-y because they’re so dry, and while a simple lip balm relieves them for a few hours, they still feel uneven, rough and dry after that wears off. I mean, what is the fun in winter when your lips are too chapped to wear a dark matte lipstick?

While perusing Sephora website as I often do, I found this very cute mini product by BITE, which claimed to solve this very problem! It’s cute jar holding tiny versions of their Whipped Cherry Scrub Stick and Agave Lip Masque. The idea here is that for 5 nights, you exfoliate with the scrub stick, and then hydrate with the masque.

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My experience: I am such a sucker for minis and the packaging is so cute, but beyond this, I’m surprised to say it actually works! So it’s a two-part process, first scrub and then moisturize. To me, the first step I feel wasn’t as effective as the second. I’m normally not a fan of lip scrub products since they’re so easy to make or fake (I usually exfoliate my lips with a toothbrush lol), and I didn’t feel like this one was particularly special. I also don’t love cherry flavors in products so I just felt ‘meh’ about it. I felt like there was a bit of exfoliation that happened but it was just average. What I did love was the Agave lip masque! I’d tried it once before and didn’t really like it because I really wasn’t so into the heavy, sticky texture. But I did first try it in the summer, when my lips weren’t a chapped disaster, so now I understand really what the point of the product is. To deal with seriously dry lips, you need a really thick salve for the lasting hydration and to plump up those gross flakes until they fall off completely. At day 5, my lips feel good as new again! Perfectly in time for a Valentine’s smooch.

Here it is with the little jar that holds it all

photo 1

Happy V-day to the lovers and if you’re a single lady (or dude) show yourself some love!



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