First VLOG Ever – Top 5 Skincare Tips for your 20’s

Hi Friends! The vlog collaboration with Rosendale is finally here and I’m so excited to share it. Here are some helpful skincare pointers to keep in mind if you’re in your 20’s like us. We think taking care of your skin now keep your face looking healthy in the short term, and it’ll help fight premature aging of the skin in the long term. Let me know what you think or if you also have tips to share!


4 thoughts

  1. Ohh, how cool is that?! You look so cuteee ❤ You should definitely start your own channel (even if it's just for me), I'd love to see more videos 😀
    And the thumbnail is hilarious (it looks like "Rosendale, get outta here! I'll take over your channel, lil boy!").

    1. OMG thank you so much, you are hands down the sweetest blog friend EVER. honestly when I do these projects for my blog, I’m always so excited to hear from you bc you’re so supportive! I had a great time vlogging and am thinking about starting my own vlog, but it will probably take some time. Have you video vlogged before?

      1. Haha, you’re very welcome! Crazy beauty addicts gotta stick together, right? 😀
        Take your time, I’ll surely be around to watch it if you should start your own channel.
        I’ve never vlogged and probably never will.. I don’t want to hear me talking / listen to my blabla.. And I don’t want to edit and cut the footage, either 😀

  2. Omg I had such a blast filming this with you! Hopefully many more to come of us being sassy skincare experts! Masks next please!!

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