The Dirty Hair Edition

Second Day Hair

Hi Friends! This is probably the hundredth time I’ve talked about 2nd day hair but today is different because I will actually show you what I do when my hair starts to get gross because I haven’t washed it.  You can see it above… it’s really not as bad as it can get but the roots are chunking up and lying flat against my head. IMG_1994

Now this is the best solution I have found to fighting oily hair: BB Pret-a-Powder by Bumble and Bumble. I’ve been meaning to review it for a while but I really wanted to show you the difference it makes on my greasy tresses. So it is this magic fragrant powder that you sprinkle into the hair and rub in, and it stops the hair from clumping together (like oily hair loves to do) and gives it some good texture and volume. The weird thing is that it makes the hair feel kind of rough, but I actually love it because it holds updos WAY better and keeps it from sticking to my head. I promise it looks like a trick (like $26 for a bottle of cornstarch?) but it is amazing. Now here is what I can do with it.


Okay do you see how clean my hair looks? It doesn’t look like 2nd day, but it’s much more voluminous than it could ever be on first day (unless I dumped a bunch of product in it). All I did here was shake out a generous amount of product onto my roots, especially near the part, and tousled it in. Honestly, this is a quick solution but it is not fool proof. In a few hours, it could get oily again so to keep this style on lock I would definitely need hairspray. But what CAN last through the day is this variation below. Pull Back

Here I have pulled the hair surrounding my face back and secured with a few bobby pins. The BB powder gives my hair the appearance of cleanliness and supports my volume with some structural integrity. I also like this look because I like my hair out of my face – in this case it is both comfortable and chic. Now if I need my hair to just get of my business and I can’t be bothered even to wash my dirty hair that day, I have the next option. French Braids

Fully aware this makes me look about 10 years younger than I am, I still find a lot of great reasons to rock pig tailed french braids. There is NO better hairstyle for when you’re moving around and being active – there is just no nonsense. It’s very comfortable since french braids don’t pull on any specific area of the scalp, and you can sleep on your back without there being a lump at the back of your head! There are also great variations that can be chic; instead of french, I could dutch braid and pancake it so that the braids look huge, fluffy and romantic. I could also pin the braids into kind of a bun that can look almost like a flower, for a polished updo. OR, I could just sleep on it and it would become something like this on the third day. Day four

I realize this is not the best photo ever taken but I needed to show you this crazy lion hair that happens after I unleash my 2nd day braids. What’s interesting is that my hair doesn’t look dirty or greasy even at day 3… just really crazy, big and out-of-control, which I dig every once in a while! Any of these ‘dos look worth your time? Let me know! xoxo Trace

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