My fellow beauty queens, today I have officially spent way too much of my income at sephora because I am apparently a VIB rouge member. Yes that’s right, a very important beauty! Sounds pretty fancy but it is a more palatable way to say I buy more make up than really necessary, but congrats! I should be really embarrassed but I’m really excited about it, almost like I personally achieved something! Hahah!!

As part of the deal I was given this silver card along with a few cards with perks on the inside, including a free full makeover, a discount on my next purchase and free shipping (which is not actually helpful bc I think I was banned from – that is a whole other story!). I am excited about this make up consultation, I will have I find a good excuse to use it.

Anyway I just felt as a beauty blogger, this day is kiiiiiind of historic! πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts

      1. So far I haven’t gotten about really exciting Rouge perks yet, although the little lipstick thing they give you is kinda nice!

  1. Did they change the card from red to silver? My rouge card is red and says “Rouge” on it and I got the lipstick at the same time although now I think you get a Formula X nail polish… Maybe you’re a VIB? There are 3 levels – BI, VIB, VIB Rouge.

    Congrats on the makeup spending madness πŸ™‚

  2. Good job! When I hit Rouge recently, I was simultaneously horrified and full of joy. Sometimes when I think about it, I just sit here and shake my head…like right now πŸ™‚ Also, go back and get your lipstick!

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