30 Day Health Kick + Invitation


Happy Saturday / Sunday Friends!

I focus my attention a lot on how to temporarily tweak my outer appearance through using the magic of make up, hairspray, good lighting and good angles. Recently, though, I’ve been curious about what I can do to effect more long term and sustained change on my external appearance through the way I treat my body internally. Wait, what? Why? Well, basically, I’m having this very unwelcome zit flare up. I have pretty clear skin for most of the year, and then for a few months all these blemishes show up for a family vacation on my chin and my chest, which is not only not cute but also moderately uncomfortable. Listen, I’m 23 and I’ve done my time in teenage acne prison and I’m not messing around anymore. This acne has gotta quit. It’s not fair.

As I’m thinking of ways to win the war on acne, my colleague / health guru suggests I take a more holistic approach. Instead of only focusing on what I can put on my skin to fix it, I should also tweak certain eating, drinking and living habits. It only makes perfect sense, since everything in the body is connected – I mean the skin is an organ (our biggest!) in a system of organs, a part in a whole. So, here are my five new habits for the month and I’ll document the changes I notice!


  1. No eating processed sugar (by far, the HARDEST part)
  2. Drink 2 liters of water a day
  3. Take two Omega-3 fatty acid supplements per day
  4. Do 30 minutes / day of any activity that requires movement + stretching
  5. Some salicylic acid treatment

Does anyone want to join me on a month long health kick? Obviously it doesn’t have to have the same rules – it should definitely be tailored to your body / concerns. I just figure it’s more fun to do this with friends. Let me know if you want to be healthy buddies with me!

Off to a good start with some oatmeal, fruit, a little honey and an omega 3 supplement...
Off to a good start with some oatmeal, fruit, a little honey and an omega 3 supplement…

Cheers and here’s to a healthy (hydrated, sugar-free, active, omega 3’d, acne-free) 30 days!



12 thoughts

  1. Rule #1 sounds like torture.. curious to see if you can do it! 🙂 *keeping fingers crossed*
    I’ve been working out by following vids on youtube (Fitness Blender, Jillian Michaels, Popsugar Fitness, and the like) .. it’s fun and can be hard which I didn’t believe before.
    Lately, I’ve been doing some kickboxing and yoga workouts alternately 😀

    1. Rule 1 is TOUGH but I am allowed to eat honey, agave… anything not processed. No more scones and cookies but I am replacing that with fruits (fall season = PERSIMMONS!!!). Definitely need to check out those youtube videos… I’ve never worked out that way but it could be worth a try! Do you do yoga and kickboxing classes? Girl you look in shape. 🙂

      1. Oh yeah, sweet fruits are a good way to “cheat” then 🙂
        Haha, don’t get me started with persimmons! Love them so much, I had one yesterday and today. Too good! It should be “mandarine time” here at the supermarkets soon as well.

        Well, I do those yoga and kickboxing “classes” via youtube, yeah 🙂 Lately, I’ve been liking Fitness Blender for all kinds of workouts (they really seem to know what they’re doing) and MillionaireHoy for kickboxing a lot (I’m not a fan of his slang, but I find his workouts pretty good).
        Haha, aww, thanks! My upper body’s quite slim, very stick-like and I find it hard to gain muscles and weight in general, but my body gets toned easily as long as I continue my workouts 🙂 So, yeah, no female Hulk here, but that’s ok.

        Anyway, what kind of sports/exercises do you wanna do? Do you want to work out at the gym, outside, or at home?

      2. Gurl, I just got some wisdom teeth pulled and have been a total non moving potato for the past few days… Haven’t even thought about exercising but I feel like I gotta do an energetic and funny class where people don’t take themselves too seriously… Maybe zumba or some sort of aerobics class. I am such a clumsy person and pretty non athletic LOL. I’ve tried running before and I pretty much hate it, so I don’t stay consistent. I’ve gone to yoga classes but not regularly… although I do really like those.

        Would love love love to see your fave youtube work out videos. Haven’t tried those before. Something for a beginner? Any suggestions??

  2. Healthy buddies? Want to count me in? Lol no, count me in! That’s for sure. My skin is again freaking out right now after calming down for a while. I’m now more determined to stick with my rules though staying away or just cutting low on sugary and dairy foods will be such a pain. ^^ Let’s do this!

    1. Um YES let’s count you in!!! Will you post on your health kick? Would love to see progress and we can keep each other on track! I will post once a week on how it’s going too! 🙂 SO excited we are health buddies.

      1. Yay!I officially have a health buddy! How cool is that! 😀 I think it’ll be a great idea to post progress, I’ll try my best with that since I really am struggling with what to post in my blog. ^^ Good luck to us.

  3. Nice! I just started a health kick too! My motivation is to drop some pounds. I’m trying to cut out processed sugar as well, cut down on carbs (goodbye donuts and cookies -_-). Snacking is my downfall, so I’m going to make sure I have plenty of healthy alternatives!
    PS… I’m almost 30 and I still get acne, it’s super annoying, but it has gotten better with age!

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