Sephora + Make Up For Ever = Happy Birthday Trace


Hi Friends! As of yesterday I am newly 23 years old – very exciting! Why? Well, you beauty girls know, among the many perks of birthdays, one very delightful perk is getting a gift from Sephora to celebrate you! Before I even go into the deets of the gift, I have to share this story…

Like many of you, I own a giant lipstick collection but I only use a special few on a regular basis. My holy grail shade is a lipstick by Make Up For Ever – the Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in No. 9. It is the perfect sheer shade for my coloring, just 2 shades darker than my own lips. For that reason, I have completely used up my tube down to the very bottom, and visited Sephora for my replacement (YES, a repeat purchase!). When I got to the check out, they told me I could grab my birthday gift a little early… I said yes, of course. I peeked at the little box and it contained a couple of Make Up For Ever products. Any guesses as to what one of the products were?


The exact same lipstick, in the exact same shade… only miniature. How cute is this?! And, perhaps less-exciting-but-still-exciting, a mini Smoky Extravagant Mascara. So adorable! Usually I’m not such a big fan of samples but no complains from this girl. HBD to me!

The b-day present!

I am wearing this lipstick in my photo above. As you can see, it’s a very sheer lip color, and doesn’t look nearly as red on as it does in the photo. I do like that there’s more color impact than a balm though, but still feels very smooth. It also pairs with pretty much any look I want to do. Here, I am wearing it with heavily lined eyes which are actually lined blue on the bottom. Fab, right?!



*Wearing the Tallulah Bib by Stella and Dot (OMG ISN’T IT PRETTY??)

2 thoughts

  1. Happy Birthday, classy lady! 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful day and lots of yummy food and other lovely gifts besides those MUFE products.
    And that necklace is so pretty, indeed! I’m sure it’s gonna suit a lot of different kinds of outfits.
    I recently purchased a statement necklace with nude roses and just ordered a colourful Zara lookalike *can’t wait* 😀
    Have a lovely day xx

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