The Shut Down – RED LIP | CAT EYE | BIG HAIR

Shut it down

RED LIPSTICK > EVERYTHING. This is one of my favorite looks of all time to wear and to see on other women: liquid liner and a BOLD red lip. It is a sophisticated classic that never goes out of style and looks good on everyone. For me, this look always lends me the most attitude, confidence and sass… it just makes me feel like I can conquer anything. It’s funny to think a little tube of lipstick can do that, but that’s the power of make up!

So let’s get into it! I will certainly say from the start that this is not an every day look, at least not for me. I am wearing a considerable amount of product on my face and I had to really take my time to apply with care. Even though the focal points here are my lip and my eyes, I believe this whole aesthetic should be as flawless as possible! Complexion is really a canvas here for everything else to be showcased, so I try to even out my skin as much as I can and add some definition to my bone structure using bronzer and blush. The eyes are so important here too. I have filled in my eyebrows to help frame my entire face (it makes a HUGE difference, trust me!). Since I want to keep focus on my lash line, I have brushed on a subtle wash of taupe and brown on my eyelids, before lining very carefully with a gel liner and applying falsies. Yes, FALSIES!eye closedAnd now for the finale… the bright red lip. I actually just picked up this lipstick because it was such an incredible shade. It is called Red Carpet – Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color. What I like to do with highly pigmented lipsticks, when possible, is swipe on one coat, blot it off, then reapply another coat. I think the lipstick has more staying power and punch using that method. I also like to apply concealer just around the lip line since it creates a sharp contrast, and bold lips absolutely need to have sharp delineation… otherwise you might as well be a clown! 


Surprise! Part two is the hair switch up made possible by Bumble and Bumble. I happened to be at Sephora during some event they were holding, and a very nice hair stylist sat me down and helped me achieve crazy big lioness / goddess hair, which I have never had. I am actually shocked at how big she got my hair to be. Basically she sprayed lots of texturizer, and sprinkled this product (which I bought) called Pret a Powder, which is meant to give a lot of volume and soak up the oil… good for me. She went in and curled certain sections, and WENT TO TOWN teasing my hair, which is why it became so enormous. When I said I wanted it up at least for the day, she pulled it into a super bun for me, which you see above, but below is when I took it down. Unbelievable, the volume stayed put.

secretsI absolutely love the way it looks because I think big hair is super sexy, but my gripe is that there is no way to do this without considerable damage. I have soft and silky hair, but to make it voluminous like this, I have to back comb it to the point that it feels like there is a stiff nest of twigs on my scalp… and let me tell you, it was a nightmare to brush out. Any time we do things our hair doesn’t naturally want to do, I think there’s damage involved, so I think I’ll just try to do less extreme versions in the future. But damn, it’s too fly!


Finally, my last shot captures my attitude about self-esteem and here goes my two cents! Sometimes, I feel like there’s a lot of shade thrown in my direction, sometimes from another person and sometimes from my critical inner voice. No matter what kind of shade is being thrown, you should still feel like your shine is too bright to be hidden by it, and you don’t really have to apologize for that. So take some moments and acknowledge that you’re actually the shit once in a while. Okay?! And if Beyonce says it, it must be true. 



11 thoughts

  1. Great look, I love that its so classic! Would love you check out my blog! Just uploaded an A-Z glossary for skincare products. Still in the process of getting the last few up in the next couple of hours! I hope you will find it a great reference that you can bookmark for next time you go skincare or makeup shopping so you know exactly what is in what you are buying and what it will do for your skin ❤

    xox your local bohemian

  2. Meoooow! You should sport this look more often, really 🙂 And I like the falsies on you! Which ones did you use?
    Lioness hair is to die for, but I know what you mean: all that styling and the products damage your hair in the long run. I used to curl my hair a lot with a curling iron a few years ago and stopped doing it cause my hair got so dry. Every now and then I use hot rollers when I don’t feel like wearing my spaghetti hair, though…

    1. Hey girl hey! Thanks sooo much, you’re so sweet. I have the mac falsies… not sure what they’re called but they are not a full length, just half length for the outer lashes. I love what the stylist did with my hair but it was horrifying to comb out!

      You have to tell me more about these hot rollers. I have not used them before… how does it all work and how do you do it?

      1. Ahh, it’s so hard to explain. You better watch a video like this 😀
        I’m still not perfect at it and the less I do it, the more complicated it seems to me to put them in (while it’s actually not that hard).
        Just make sure you don’t get the ones that look as if they have Velcro on the surface, like these:
        They are made by the devil and are SO hard to get out :/ I still have to take revenge on the person who invented them.
        Anyway, I let them sit in for a while (around 15 min) so I can do sth else in the meantime. When I take them out, I lightly comb through. They sometimes look a bit more like curls than big waves but they become quite loose very quickly 🙂
        I like them because I have the feeling they don’t damage my hair too much and don’t get as hot as a usual curling iron.

      2. OOH ok i’m definitely gonna try this out! I feel like it’s easier than the curling iron and I love that the curls look so bouncy and fresh!

        And omg, girl i know the struggle of the velcro. I have them and I just remember crying and almost having to cut my hair to get those things out!!!

      3. Ahh, same happened to me, seriously! I put that evil velcro stuff in once and got SO mad. It hurt so bad and ripped out lots of my hair! 😦 I didn’t even see any curls or waves as a result.
        Swore myself to never use them again and haven’t touched them since…. Cruel stuff.
        Oh well, let me know how the “normal” hot rollers worked for you if you try them 🙂

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